To Define The Global Peace Walk


To attempt to define The Global Peace Walk would be to attempt to define the wide range of all human aspirations for "Global Peace Now!". There are so many reasons for the need for global peace and so many survival issues to address, and problems to be solved, that it seems an impossible task.

However, we are convinced that the cause of global peace and the solutions to all of these problems, or obstacles, will be effected by the same mechanism: A genuine spiritual reawakening by all of humanity to the truth about the divine spirit embodied within us that correctly defines our relationship to all life, as All Our Relations.

Today, all over the world, people are confused about this fundamental human relationship to nature, and are distracted from it by the attractions of the senses and the world of material comforts. We believe that ancient knowledge, religions, and prophecies are today blending with the forefront discoveries of modern science into a more correct understanding of the nature of the human mind that will clear the way for this spiritual reawakening so desperately sought in these times. This is the root of "Global Peace Now!", our prayer which we offer as a universal human resolve.

To bring out this prayer and resolve, the Global Peace Walk was initiated in 1995 as a continuation of the spirit of the peace walks of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Indigenous Americans' Longest Walk of 1978 (initiated by the American Indian Movement, whose spiritual leader, Leonard Peltier, is still falsely imprisoned) and of the nonviolent social justice actions of religious practitioners like Cesar Chavez and Mitch Snyder. The Global Peace Walk is to unite the aspirations of all of the cultures of our one human race into the affirmation of this resolve.

During the time of Gandhiji's struggle in India to obtain independence from the dominance of the culture of western materialism, he was inspired by the prayers and the teachings of a lone Buddhist Monk in India at that time, the most venerable Nichidatsu Fujii of Japan, who had gone to begin the revival of Buddhism there according to his interpretation of the Lotus Sutra prophecies espoused by St. Nichiren. When in later years the Atomic Bomb fell on Hiroshima on his 60th birthday, this man (whom Gandhi called his Guruji) initiated a revival of the spiritual practice from ancient India to construct the Peace Pagoda or Stupa, Peace Pole, as a tangible symbol in the material world of The Message of Peace, The Tree of Life, whose understanding is fundamental to this spiritual reawakening. In his last years of life, Fujii Guruji encountered the cultures of the Indigenous American spiritual practitioners and offered his support for their guidance of the global peace movement to success. This is part of the legacy that we have inherited in conducting the Global Peace Walk for the future generations.

The Global Peace Walk was initiated to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and to remember and empower its original purpose to remove the scourge of war from the future generations. The inspiration for the initiation of the Global Peace Walk came through the person of a contemporary colleague of Fujii Guruji, one of the last generations of Buddhist Monks schooled in the traditional system and culture of Japan, Rev. Yusen Yamato, a Zen Shiatzu Meditation Practitioner, who received the personal blessing of His Holiness Dalai Lama for this project.

As His Holiness has observed, "correctly understood, Buddhism is not so much a religion as it is a science of mind", so the Global Peace Walk has naturally gained the respect and support of politicians, religionists, scientists and other human beings, of all beliefs and all walks of life, in its mission to fulfill the predictions of the advent of true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

This is my best brief attempt to define The Global Peace Walk, for Global Peace Now!

To fulfill this mission we work for the dedication of many Sister City Global Peace Zone Proclamations to create a Global Peace Zone 2000, for Global Peace2000.

David Crockett Williams, Jr., February 6, 1999
Bachelor of the Science of Chemistry, 1969, Cal State University
Chartered Life Underwriter, 1971, American College of Life Underwriters
Coordinator, Global Peace Walk 1999-2000
Initiator, Global Emergency Alert Response

"Love All, Serve All"