Cancelled Route Schedule for Global Peace Walk 2013-14

Route Plan as of July 17, 2013, revised Oct.6: Global Peace Walk 2013, font updated and page counter added 11-18-13

For more information call or text David Williams, cell 805-708-0252, or email him at

Santa Barbara CA October 2, 2013 Mahatma Gandhi’s 144th Birthday, gather in De La Guerra Plaza before noon, Noon Ceremony & Message followed by community walk to the Dolphin Fountain - Stearn’s Wharf -- replaced by opening prayer ceremony outside city hall in De La Guerra Plaza with David Williams and Felipe Chavez and Jeffrey from Taos, walking to start Oct.24 from San Diego City Hall

Carpinteria State Beach, Oct.3, City Hall at Noon (postponed tba)

Ventura, Oct.4, City Hall at Noon (postponed tba)

Oxnard, Oct.5, City Hall at Noon (postponed tba)

Camarillo, Oct.6, City Hall at Noon (postponed tba)

Calabasas Motion Picture & Television Fund Community, Oct9, John Lennon’s birthday, checking on progress of 90forLife understanding and application

UCLA Alzheimer’s Center, Los Angeles CA, Oct.10, check with chief Alzheimer’s research scientist on progress of his 90forLife understanding and application

Venice Beach, Oct.11, 12, 13

San Diego CA – October 24, 2013 – City Hall at Noon 90forLife Ceremony

Chula Vista October 25th, Youngevity Headquarters, Noon 90forLife Ceremony

Tucson AZ – Alzheimer’s Association HQ, Noon 90forLife Ceremony

Phoenix AZ – City Hall at Noon

Flagstaff AZ – City Hall at Noon

Second Mesa AZ, Hopi Thanksgiving Day near oldest village in North America

Albuquerque NM – City Hall at Noon

Santa Fe NM – City Hall at Noon

Taos NM, Christmas Day, Global Peace Zone

Oklahoma City OK, New Year’s Day 2014, Murrah Memorial

Dallas TX – City Hall at Noon

Austin TX – City Hall at Noon

San Antonio TX – Remembering the Alamo

Houston, TX – City Hall at Noon

New Orleans, LA – City Hall at Noon

Atlanta GA, April 4, MLK Death Day Anniversary, City Hall noon ceremony and walk to MLK Center, then walk to Emory University Hospital, then to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to offer thanks for sponsoring Dr. Wallach’s research in the 1960’s that resulted in the determination of the “90 for Life.”

Waynesboro, VA – City Hall at Noon

Greenbelt Park MD – June 1, 2014 – Start 2 week Global Peace Council Camp

US Capitol – June 14, 2014, Flag Day 90forLife God Bless America Ceremony

New York City, June 26, UN Charter 69th Birthday Deliver Peace Council Message

Global Peace Walk Bethlehem to Jerusalem – December 25, 2014, God Willing

London 2015 Long Live The Queen with 90forLife

You may email your commitment of local support, such doing a local weekly peace walk from your city hall, or if you want to donate funding in support via PayPal, you can use email:

You can also send money directly from your bank account to our bank account so we can draw funds along the way from ATM’s across country, using this bank information:

Bank Routing Number: 122220593

Account Number: 0102058823

Please let us know directly by email[gear2000 at] if you want to help with local support arrangements in your area. This can be for towns where the walk will be coming through, or even if the national route will not come through your area you can do a local noon 90forLife Global Peace “Walk Around the Block” at your city hall and ask your mayor to also offer a proclamation of support, get local news coverage reporting on the national walk progress and local walk activities and messages.

After coming with me from the Montana Rainbow Gathering in early July to Taos with Rev. Yamato during August and September, Felipe Chavez is on the way Oct.6 to pick up the kid village kitchen bus from Eugene Oregon to bring it with extra walkers to join the camp nearby the scheduled walk start east from San Diego City Hall at Noon Oct.24 United Nations Day. This is the same bus kitchen that fed one or two hundred walkers at a time during the second Longest Walk a few years back. Route Draft Date: 17July2013, revised Oct.6

From Updated Route Plan Page:

For more information call or text David Williams, cell 805-708-0252, or email him at