Global Community Peace Walk

Global Community Peace Walks, for Global Peace Now!

by David Crockett Williams, Coordinator
United Nations 50th Anniversary Global Peace Walk of 1995

January 18, 1999, US National holiday honoring the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The practice of walking in communities around the globe as a demonstration of the desire for positive social change is not a new idea. This practice has a long history of successful applications including Gandhi's Salt March that turned the tide of global public opinion in favor of the then successful spiritual-political revolution in India, the first time a military government was changed by this practice of nonviolence using the force of truth alone (sathyagraha, truthforce). This practice has also been used successfully in America for changes in the US civil rights laws fostered by the peace marches of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now today's world is faced with the gravest threats to all life on Earth that have ever existed in human history. All over the world people are fighting for land and life. Weapons of mass destruction, the frustrations of terrorism, the prevalent culture of secrecy, the aggressive "male domination syndrome", the environmental crises, and the ever increasing overt and covert budgets for war and the preparations for war (including the drug war), all today place the very survival of the future generations in jeopardy.

It is time for a great global community movement to take to the streets, highways, and byways of the lands, to cry to the heavens, to proclaim their grief to everyone, and to universally resolve their determination for "Global Peace Now!" by practicing global community peace walks wherever they are and wherever they go. This is the way by which all of the many different survival issues can gain the necessary platform for their grievances and solutions, to be heard and addressed by the infinite power of the human spirit as even God applies it through human beings in this world.

Not so many people can take time from their daily lives to join long distance peace walks to effect these changes. But almost everyone can take an hour a week and walk with this purpose in mind in their own communities, walking together to inspire the expansion of this spiritual practice until it succeeds in averting the crisis which has come upon humanity and which threatens all life on Earth in these times.

Since the initiation of the Global Peace Walk in 1995 to foster the acceptance of this prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve, many people now see this resolve as the first step in changing the course of human history off of its path towards total destruction and onto the path towards true peace, harmony among all life and free natural abundance as paradise on Earth.

Instead of using our innate human intelligence to solve these problems we have been duped into thinking that the knowledge to solve them resides in the museums and libraries of the world. We must bring back into our personal and global consciousness the awareness of humankind's divine nature, in order to recognize our capabilities to manifest the future world of our dreams.

This paper is to suggest a grassroots campaign to mobilize the Global Peace Walk first in our hearts and then in the streets of every community around the globe, to remind one another of our spiritual unity relationship and global responsibility to one another and to all living things as our relations.

Specifically, in the cities and towns of America, by arranging community global peace walks from the museums and libraries to the municipal, state, and national government offices, on a regular basis, we can join with our kindred around the world in bringing out the knowledge of the human spirit to solve these problems. Please join in this effort and help us coordinate these activities for the future generations.

For 1999 and 2000 a schedule is being offered to link such local events along routes to comprise a US National Pathway for a Global Peace Zone all around the world. Please offer your support and begin today to mobilize your friends to walk in your communities to demonstrate and propagate this resolve for Global Peace Now, so with this resolve we can begin to correct all the problems standing in the way of true peace.

Please join in the Global Peace Walk in your community while there is still time to take action, before it is too late. If you carry a sign or make a t-shirt please include the resolve for "Global Peace Now!" and proclaim your area as a "Global Peace Zone".

A spiritual resolution is even more powerful than a political revolution.

Thank you very much for your Global Emergency Alert Response.

Please see archived messages and join the Global Peace Walk coordinators email group list.

To help in obtaining local Global Peace Walk Days and Global Peace Zone proclamations see this list of previous proclamations. Let us know your plans and we will help with suggestions for your customized local proclamation draft suggestions to connect your local events with local authorities for their endorsement.


February 26, 1999, Oakland to UC Berkeley, CA
Annually: 22APR Taos, NM, ---> Santa Fe 26APR
1999: 16SEP New York -> Washington DC 24OCT
2000: 15JAN San Francisco --> New York 24OCT
12FEB Santa Barbara, 22FEB Los Angeles
22APR Taos, NM, 16SEP Washington, DC

ONE NATION, Aware of God as Love for All !
GLOBAL PEACE NOW !! Help Now !!!