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Global Emergency Alert Response (GEAR), overcoming obstacles to deployment of new public policies and technologies to ameliorate greenhouse effect and ozone layer depletion before it is too late to save all life on Earth. Scientific and spiritual research.

"Global Peace Now!" Walk2000, Zone2000, Year2000. Carrying all survival issue messages united under the banner of the prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve to foster a worldwide Global Peace Zone2000, from San Francisco, January 15th, to Washington, DC, (Oct9), ending at the United Nations in New York City for its 55th anniversary, October 24, 2000. "Living on The Globe With All Our Friends"!

Capital Hills Research Center, to rapidly finish research and development on new-energy and other peace industry technologies in order to address today's global social and environmental emergency. Projected as centerpiece of a 2000 acre residential, business, and commercial internet "Technopolis".

Proposition One for Global Nuclear Disarmament is an initiative from the White House Peace Park Anti-Nuclear Vigil kept since 1981 and which now has a bill in Congress HR-2545 (the Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 1999) for the global elimination of nuclear weapons while redirecting their funding to peaceful purposes and human needs.

From The Wilderness Newsletter, expanding journal of problems and solutions to today's global social and economic problems which are themselves obstacles to redirecting human resources to quickly solving global scale environmental problems. Focusing on ending corruption in the enforcement of drug trade/policies/laws, on hemp/cannabis/marijuana legalization, on solutions to homelessness, etc.

Hemp Industries Association, developing industrial networking in support of the upcoming perhaps rapid relegalization of the non-narcotic hemp plant grown to omit the THC active ingredient used in medicines, etc. The most useful plant in human history.

Cannabis Medicine Patients & Prisoner's Rights, networking for the relegalization of the hemp/cannabis flowers as legitimate medicine and for an end to the draconian law enforcement policies directed at non-violent users of cannabis/marijuana medicine.

Help Eliminate Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P.), a network of activists working for the complete relegalization of the hemp/cannabis/marijuana plant for all of its many superior uses for the overall majority of fiber and food products, et al, and to heal the atmosphere because of its superior bioefficiency and many practical uses to save the trees.

"To Make Star Trek Real", a network of scientists working together facilitated by the Internet Science Education Project and International Space Sciences Organization to fulfill the human quest for terrestrial intelligence (intelligent life on Earth) and applying it to developing warp drive, wormholes, conscious nano-computers, esoteric space flight and physiscs of consciousness technologies.

Indigenous Heritage Preservation Societies, to bring back awareness of the spiritual teachings of the indigenous ancient cultures of this planet to understand this wisdom and how its teachings have contemporary application for developing a lasting Culture of Peace. Hopi Messages Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse Shoshonee Leader Corbin Harney Leonard Peltier, spiritual leader

Global 13Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, to revive the contemporary use of ancient knowledge of galactic calendar cycles, to replace the presently used Gregorian artificial calendar, with the natural cycles of the Global Peace Calendar.

Rally to End Secrecy, West US Capitol Steps, 24OCT99, DC, a gathering to bring to public attention the need to relax government secrecy policies regarding science and technologies potentially useful for ameliorating global warming and greenhouse effects, especially technologies concerning alleged advanced "UFO" research.

The March for Peaceful Energy 24OCT99 Washington, DC, a gathering on the Capitol Mall to share information about available contemporary alternative energy technologies which can help ameliorate greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, wars over oil, etc.

Above are some examples of groups and projects we support.

We welcome you to explore how our work could also help your efforts.


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