Dr. Wood's Warning of World War III

Submitted to the Tribune SIG of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, for 43rd Annual Meeting, Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California, June 27-July 2, 1999

A Zygonic Analysis of the Possible Interaction of Spiritual and Scientific Processes in the Analysis of Maxwell's Equations for Electromagnetic Waves.

Fred B. Wood, Sr., Ph.D.
Computer Social Impact Research Institute
2346 Lansford Ave. San Jose, CA 95125 USA
E-mail: csiri@igc.apc.org Voice: 408-723-7818

The term "zygonic" implies a method that has meaning both to religious leaders and scientists as is implied in the projects of the magazine Zygon: Journal of RELIGION & SCIENCE. In general, I have found that both religious leaders and scientists act as if they had brain damage such that they refuse to notice the new barbarians who are seizing possession of the higher order electromagnetic fields in the quantum vacuum flux that historically have been used for healing , to make new weapons of mass mind control and biological destruction. This may lead to World War III and the possible destruction of all life on planet Earth.

To start this analysis I first imagine that I am a Bald Eagle flying high above the Sierra Nevada Mountains looking down upon the different types of activities in Northern California:



The scientists who in 1882, i.e., 117 years ago substituted the approximate Maxwell-Heaviside Equations in place of the accurate Quaternionic Version of Maxwell's Equations in Physics and Engineering Textbooks which triggered errors in electrical engineering that may mean that the mythical Khanate of Tesla Technologies somewhere in Central Asia are developing weapons that may insure their victory in World War III. With my Eagle's perspective, I can perceive the potential relationship of work in the different fields, but I can't find the details. In the emergency preparedness row, I can't tell whether the Air Force is up to date in understanding electromagnetic theory, or whether they are using a security classification to cover up their ignorance of the developments of 1864, 1882, 1890, 1904, 1920, 1937, 1959, 1976, 1983, and 1992.

Three roots: A typical mathematical derivation of Maxwell's Equations in the 1937 era, 62 years ago, is described as follows:

First Order Root yields:
(1) div E=r
(2) div H=0
(3) curl E= -(1/c)dH/dt
(4) curl H=(1/c)(dE/dt+rV)

Ref: Page and Adams, Electrodynamics (1940), p.154

The above are the equations governing light and radio waves, called transverse waves or Hertzian waves.

Second Order Root yields: E = 0

In 1937 the mathematics and engineering professors when I was an undergraduate student discarded this root, saying that it didn't mean anything in nature. It turns out that in 1890, Nicola Tesla discovered that there are scalar longitudinal electromagnetic waves consisting of standing waves going in opposite directions that add up to zero.

Third Order Root yields: E = square-root of (minus 1).

In 1937 my professors discarded this root, saying that it was imaginary and did not represent anything in nature. In the 1950's the Catholic Priest - Anthropologist Teilhard de Chardin claimed that "Love" was "radial energy." In mathematics the square root of (-1) represents the vector "i" or a vector ninety degrees out of phase with the real axis. This points the direction of research toward there being feedback shift registers in the brain which code data into a Galois Field form to generate a hologram in the "holofield" in the quantum vacuum flux to produce "consciousness."

What must we do?

(1) We must organize a task force to do advanced research on all three orders of electromagnetic waves.

(2) We must apply the results of such research to developing cures for diseases with the second order electromagnetic waves.

(3) We must use the third order root to develop climate change templates and ideal social order templates to help guide conscious social evolution.

(4) We must develop a dialog with the mythical Khanate of Tesla Technologies to organize a change from a Zero-Sum Game to a Win-Win Game as suggested by Hazel Henderson in her book, Building A Win-Win World (1996).


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