Message of Dr. Fred B. Wood, Sr.

A1812 -A Abstract for ISSS, Asilomar, June 27, 1999
01/13/99 Rev 1/17/99
Rev. 1/19/99

A Zygonic Analysis of the Possible Interaction of Spiritual and Scientific Processes in the Analysis of Maxwell's Equations for Electromagnetic Waves.

Fred B. Wood, Sr.
Computer Social Impact Research Institute
2346 Lansford Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125 USA

To start this analysis I first imagine that I am a Bald Eagle flying high above the Sierra Nevada Mountains looking down upon a religious community near Grass Valley consisting of people who are devotees of Paramahansha Yogananda building a wonderful community, but ignoring the development of terrorist groups like the mythical Central Asian Khanate of Tesla Technologies who may be developing the weapons to use to establish a democratic socialism or restore an oriental despotism to our planet. As I fly west over the Sacramento Valley I see Sacramento State University with an Engineering Department with staff who can simulate computer communication systems. Near Sacramento I see an Air Force Base representative of the "Emergency Action" Column in the N-Dimensional diagram in my 1998 ISSS paper at Atlanta. With my Eagle's perspective, I can perceive the potential relationship of work in the different fields, but I can't find the details. In the emergency action column, I can't tell whether the air force is up to date in understanding electromagnetic theory, or whether they are using a security classification to cover up their ignorance of the developments of 1864, 1882, 1890, 1904, 1920, 1937, and 1959. Maxwell (1831-1879) developed the equations for electricity and magnetism in 1864, i.e., 135 years ago, in a complicated set of equations in cartesian coordinates. In a few years he discovered how to simplify the equations by putting them in the form of Quaternions which indicated existence of both the transverse Hertzian waves and a longitudinal scalar electromagnetic wave function. Maxwell's fellow professors complained that the complete equations, even in the Quaternion form were too complicated for those "dumb" engineers to understand. The 1882 edition of Maxwell's book contained a vector form of Maxwell's equations which were only approximations to the exact solution due to the omission of the scalar waves and their generating potentials. This error has been continued for 116 years in the engineering and elementary physics textbooks. Since 1960, some textbooks mention that the Maxwell-Heaviside Equations are only approximations but are accurate enough for most engineering applications. In the 1890's Nicola Tesla experimentally discovered the scalar transverse electromagnetic waves and took the boat to Europe to argue with the leading professors of physics. The professors agreed that the Maxwell-Heaviside Equations were approximations, but refused to correct the textbooks.

Three roots: A typical mathematical derivation of Maxwell's Equations in the 1937 era, 62 years ago, is described below:

First Order Root: Hertzian waves (first order EM waves):. Transverse E and H fields in a vacuum. i.e. radio waves, light waves. This has been the domain of electrical engineers for 134 years. Undergraduate text books in electrical engineering in the United States of America and in Europe for over 130 years have only mentioned these Hertzian waves, leaving most Western engineers ignorant of the other types of waves.

Second Order Root: Longitudinal waves (scalar) (second order EM waves). i.e. special radio waves and biological energy waves. A new hypothesis is being formulated that living matter is dependent upon receiving a certain minimum amount of scalar electromagnetic wave- generated bioenergy per unit/time to remain living. This development implies a convergence between electrical engineering and biological research. Are electrical engineers going to share their knowledge of this type of electromagnetic waves with biological scientists to develop cures for diseases or will they specialize in developing new weapons of mass destruction with their knowledge of this type of electromagnetic waves? Much of the information on this type of electromagnetic wave is probably classified as "top secret" by the major governments of the world. Healers use these electromagnetic waves in acupuncture to switch bioenergy from the main energy channels of the body to area that needs more bioenergy. The Chinese Que Gong method of healing has used this type of electromagnetic energy for over 5000 years in healing humans without having a mathematical theory.

Third Order Root: Holofield of information waves (third order EM waves): There is a growing generation of hypotheses about how information is stored in the quantum vacuum flux. Sheldrake's theory of mitogenetic fields has been evolving into a more complex theory of there having to be feedback shift register type structures in the brains of animals (and man) to encode messages into a Galois Field using a polynomial code word attached to the message part that limits the decoding of the message to members of the same species or tribe by association with a sub-section of the DNA code of the animal. Then the data in the Galois Field output register must generate by means not yet known to a holographic format.

For biographical information on Dr. Wood , his appearance at U.C. Berkeley Global Crisis Solutions Conference, and mathematical details for above abstract along with his Third World War Warning.

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