Davy Crockett for USA President 2008
Independent (No Party) Campaign

Our David Sounding the Global Emergency Alert
On the "Trumpeting Water Pipe" October 24, 1998, United Nations Day
1998 March for Peaceful Energy (capstone speaker, U.S. Capitol)
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This page is under construction since 29Mar06 to detail the platform, ideas and goals of the 2008 Independent USA Presidential Campaign of David Crockett Williams, Jr. (III) (born May 17, 1945, Newport Rhode Island), tapping Congressman Dennis John Kucinich as my Vice Presidential Candidate, NOW soliciting Presidential Electors and Ballot Access Petition Circulators and Signers to step forth now and identify themselves, volunteer for information outreach service NOW to get local news media coverage of this campaign for "Global Peace Now!"

My Commitment is to offer an American Truth Amnesty Reconciliation Program starting with the Pardon of America's Nelson Mandela, Leonard Peltier. After effecting this I would resign to make Dennis John Kucinich USA President.




My "Free Energy Platform" includes emergency climate stabilization measures such as implementing the so-called "free energy" or New Energy Technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and implementing a rapid change to a global hemp economy on an emergency basis akin to a global scale revival of the US Department of Agriculture's Hemp for Victory Program of 1941-45.

Please read my SEAC article, Global Emergency Alert:



Please encourage others you know who are running for other political offices in 2006 to get with, and promote, this platform of Truth Amnesty Reconciliation and Free Energy with Hemp for Victory!

If you will commit to being a 2008 Presidential Elector or Ballot Access Petitioner or signatory, we need the same number of Presidential Electors for each State equal to the total of US Congresspeople and Senators for each State. These names go on the ballot access petitions circulated in each state by sigature gatherers over a few month period in the Spring of 2008. The reason for starting this campaign now, to accept and register these commitments, is that listing these names in public archives will give leverage for local Campaign2008 activists now to get local news media coverage on this now because of the issues and people involved.

If you will help with this campaign please complete and return the information form posted at:


David Crockett Williams
29May06 Memorial Day Holiday