DCW Collaborators Information Request Form

This is the initial 29May06 version of a form you can use, copying and pasting it into an email, adding extra line spaces and filling it in between the lines with your responsive information offering, if you are interested in best results for collaboration with David Crockett Williams on various projects, programs, and ideas of mutual interest in the direct cause of true peace with harmony among all life and free natural abundance as Paradise on Earth.

Please complete in as much detail as you feel like offering at this time, updating with more information later, as you feel so inclined, by resubmitting this form with more details to the email address at bottom of this page, using Subject Line of: [FORM] - Thanks!

Your Website(s) Address(es):

Your Name Given at Birth:

Date and Place of Birth:

Nicknames or Sacred Names, ie, please list and explain any other names you use or have used:

Your Organizaitional, National, Religious, Spiritual, Political, or Tribal Affiliations, Societies, etc:

Your Location: State, City, etc, Mailing Address:

Phone numbers and best times to call;

Your normal occupation(s) or business interests, history:

Your educational background, schools, degrees, etc:

Your areas of special interest, talents, abilities, activism, etc, please explain:

Thanks for taking the time to send me this information so I can understand best how we can collaborate and work together for "Global Peace Now!"

For my "Closest Collaborators," please (in addition to your early email submission of this information) also print this form with enough added line spaces between the entries so that you can fill in the form in your own handwriting with whatever information you can offer, and mail it to me so I will also be able to understand you from your "graphoanalysis" for best and closest possible collaboration results, ie, see about this scientific system of "holographic parameterization of observer relative identity" at:

(A hologrphic document means a handwritten document)

Thanks very much!

David Crockett Williams
Global Emergency Alert Response 2000
661-867-2877 (voicemail, leave message so I can phone you back)
13554 Paradise Valley Road
Twin Oaks, Caliente, CA 93518

(non-tax deductible, person to person, donation offerings also needed, welcomed, and appreciated, if you can offer)

Email: gear2000@lightspeed.net