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KANE Gazin'
Martin's Turn


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A Surprise for KANE!

Looks like KANE's chatting with someone - Well, what he said to Martin was "Here ya' go Lil Bro." (Something dropped down to my knees at the sound of his voice - the Glenn Jacobs/nonKANE voice) They shook hands - my son's small one lost completely in KANE's just to above the wrist - Martin giggled, then extended to KANE a photo of himself in his wrestling gear, posing in his favorite wrestling stance, complete with his wrestling stats on the back.


KANE did a kind of double take, took the photo, flipped it over, glanced at the back, flipped it forward again and looked at Martin then at the photo again. "OH! Hey! That's NICE! Keep it up Lil Bro!" He really sounded surprised!

Martin had a grin as wide as the Grand Canyon as he stepped away toward me. He turned around as if he'd forgotten something - and said, "Thanks Mr. Jacobs!" I groaned - KANE said "O.K. Lil Bro" and as Martin brought his camera up KANE posed for him!


After adding another "Thank you!" Martin skipped away - singing something about never washing his hand again, and he got KANE's autograph and I didn't. Believe me - two days later, and I could SWEAR his feet haven't touched the ground yet!