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KANE Gazin'

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June 23, 2001
Strauss Discount Auto
Bloomfield, N.J. Appearance


Strauss Discount Auto

The InterContinental Champion arrived at Strauss Discount Auto, Bloomfield, N.J. - greeted by hundreds of eager fans.

Bad weather and even worse traffic meshed together to cause our favorite son to be about an hour late for this appearance. Once there, he finds himself sitting on a steaming hot blacktop, under a canpoy - yes, but the heat and humidity must have served as a constant reminder of what Hell is like. Undaunted by the clime, KANE took up marker and humble disposition and began greeting his fans.

Once inside the "compound" I looked around and realized that KANE had passed me on the way in! LOL! - I was sitting at the light just up from the store, when a police SUV behind me suddenly turned on it's lights and siren, pulled around me and slowly started through the red light. A black and charcoal grey limo pulled into position behind the SUV while another police unit follwed the limo - lights and siren agoin'.

As I watched - envious of the "special" treatment SOME people get - they pulled into the drive of the store. Oh, GREAT, I'm thinking, The owners of the store are here -KANE is finished, and I drove ALLLL the way from DC for nothing! I started into the drive, but was waved to backup and pull into the shopping center lot. Imagine my surprise when I saw that limo and realized who had been in it!