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KANE Gazin'
Being There


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The line was long - it kind of wound out - serpentine like - from the table where KANE was sitting, and stretched across the auto store's parking lot. The fans seemed to be cheery as well as excited, and as Martin, my ten year-old, and I took our position at the end of the line, we instantly were drawn into wrestling comversation.

Fifteen minutes into the wait, it poured! My FIRST thought - please forgive my unsportsman-like conduct - was YES! SOME of these fans will leave, and we can move up really quickly to the head of the line. RIIIIIGHT! No - these were die-hard fans! They stuck it out - KANE stuck it out.

A sunrise; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The torrent didn't last too long - MAYBE 5-10 minutes - but we were ALL good and soaked - My face washed away by the rain, hair that took a good half hour to style and a night spent in rollers now looked like what you see on the heads of those troll dolls that used to be so popular - and in great spirits! After fifteen minutes or so, I decided to take a walk up to the front and see what pics I could get, and noticed they had already run out of the promo photos of KANE he was signing and giving away. They were now using photocopies of the local ad. LOL

Back in line, Martin started to dance a jig - he had his FIRST glimpse of KANE - in the flesh! He snapped this -