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Flying FreddoFlying Freddo
by Tina Zang
Illustrator: Sonal Panse
Writer's Exchange Epublishing

Delightful Work!! ...... Highly Recommended .... 5 Stars

Freddo is the youngest tiger in the Circus Tortolli troupe. Watching Rondo, Hopping Harry, Chubby Charly and Old Orlando, Freddo just knows he is going to be the best trick tiger ever. But, the wig worn by the trainer smells of moth powder, the sawdust is itchy, smoke scratches his throat and the polka music is out of tune. Poor Freddo. He cannot learn any of the tricks. What can he do?

From the talented genius of children's author Tina Zang comes a 'sure to please work' children and parents alike are certain to enjoy. Flying Freddo as presented in pdf is an easy to manipulate format filled with the intriguing tale of a young tiger who comes into his own 'when the chips are down.' Completed with the lush illustrations provided by gifted artist
Sonal Panse this book is one I would use in my own classroom.

The dilemma of Freddo as presented in Flying Freddo is one children will readily identify with. Children always hope they likewise will be the best; the hero for their family and friends. Children too often find many stumbling blocks on their own road to greatness. Reading about Freddo and how he overcomes his particular obstacles will help youngsters come to realize that we can all find our special niche despite impediments in our pathway. Flying Freddo is an excellent book for parents, home school and classroom teacher's to use for a 'discussion starter' into how we can recognize, face and overcome hurdles.

Vocabulary used in Flying Freddo is a little advanced for very young readers, is well within the scope of most high average to above average readers among the 'older' set. Flying Freddo is a read-to book for the 3-5 set, a read-with-help for many 6 year olds and a read alone for the strong reader 7-9 set. Flying Freddo will provide a perfect 'cuddle time' sitting in mom or dad's lap reading the book together for 3-6 and 7 year olds. Many in the 7-9 group will enjoy reading Flying Freddo aloud for their parents.

For the American audience parents will want to explain the term moth powder. However children will readily accept that moth powder is what we in the U.S. call moth balls if parents will provide a sample for children to recognize.

The one thing I as a teacher would like to see is a suggested reading level/interest level added to the book. Teacher's like to know about where the vocabulary used lies when choosing a book for their classroom. A vocabulary list at the end of the book is always a real help for teachers too.

I particularly liked the set up used, with author and illustrator information placed at the back of the book. This portion is often put in the very front of the book, is not often interesting to the little folks who may not have the patience to wade through the 'grown up' stuff to get to the story. And another big plus. the LINKS ACTUALLY WORK! I was able to click onto the publisher site, the author's site, and the illustrator's site. I think this is the first time I have ever reviewed a book and found ALL the links actually function.

Tiffy's TangoTiffy's Tango
by Tina Zang
Illustrator: Sonal Panse
Writer's Exchange Epublishing

Great Read ... 5 Stars

Tiffy the giraffe is so bored. She has nothing special to do for the Circus Tortolli. She is a giraffe and that is unusual enough. Susana the Tiger Tamer assures Tiffy they will be moving to a new town tomorrow. Tiffy worries the new town will be just as boring, perhaps she has no special talents to send the children into screams of delight. Tiffy chats with Flying Freddo the tiger, but his job is too dangerous, Diving David, but he is given fish as a treat, Noisy Norman the chimp but he uses too much equipment in his motorcycle act and Tiffy does not even have a driver's license. Tiffy decides she will learn to stand on her head. She practices and practices but before she can perfect the headstand Signor Tortolli notices what she is doing. What will happen next? Will he be mad? Will Tiffy ever learn to do the headstand? Will she ever hear the screams of delight from the children? The book ends on a happy note as the children cheer and cheer even though Tiffy never does learn to do that headstand.

Tiffy's Tango Writer Zang and Illustrator Panse have done it again! The talented pair have teamed up once again to present an enchanting tale of a young giraffe who is determined to carve a niche for herself in the circus. Tiffy wants to be more than just the 'box office' giraffe who stands around and does nothing. When her original plan does not work out Tiffy does not sulk, she moves right into another strategy. Writer Zang's carefully prepared text is excellent, well crafted and very pleasing to read. Artisan Panse does an admirable job presenting just the right illustration for each page. Both illustrations and tale are sure to delight children ages 3-9.

Tiffy's Tango is an entertaining tale I would happily use in my own classroom. This is a read-to book for the younger set: the 3-5 year olds. Is a read with help for the 5-7 set and a read alone for strong 7's - 9s. Names, and some vocabulary should be taught/introduced prior to youngsters reading alone. A wordlist in the back of the book along with target audience listed would be a benefit for parents, home and school teachers as they choose books for use in their child's library or the teaching setting.

While many paper books are longer: 30 or so pages, I think the 22 page format used in Tiffy's Tango is a good choice for children to view on a computer monitor. The pdf format I received for review opens easily, pictures do not slow the motion overmuch which is good. Children are not know for having patience, they do want to get right into the reading and 'looking' part of the book. I like the author/illustrator information kept to the back pages of the work. Children are not usually interested in the information.




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