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How To Teach Children

How To Teach Children
by Molly Martin

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Molly designed this guide to help people with little or no teaching experience prepare to teach children, whether for Boy Scouts, Library Teaching, Sunday School Teachers, and even Homeschool Parents. It is a comprehensive guide which covers every aspect of teaching from positive reinforcement, to lesson planning and preparation.

Another bonus to purchasing this guide, aside from all the valuable information Molly gives us, is that you will be given the URL to her private message board, where you can post questions about any aspect of teaching and she will post an answer for you. You will also be given the URL to a site where you can put your new found knowledge to work and earn money.


by m j hollingshead

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Sadie, The Red Dog and I became acquainted in 1990. At that time the young hound was not quite a year old, and had obviously had a litter of pups not too many days earlier.

My husband and I had moved to Oklahoma from California during one of the most severe ice storms the area had enjoyed in years. After a few days we realized the starving terrified dog had 'come with the house.' Slowly over time, we came to know something of Sadie's history, she had been badly neglected, starved and tortured. Sadie's former owners allowed the young, unspayed female to run free and then became incensed at and abusive toward her primarily due to the fact that she produced a litter of pups.

Sadie's trust of humans was at an all time low when we first made our acquaintance. It has taken the part of the decade of the 90s for Sadie to learn that we are not going to hurt or starve or neglect her. During the decade Sadie has lived with us she has produced one more litter of pups simply because I felt that for the sake of her own mental health she needed to have that experience of successfully producing and raising her puppies. She was spayed following the
birth of that litter and she has become a delightful pet. Sadie is 'fat and sassy' has a lovely glossy coat and has learned to trust people, almost. She continues to be a slobbering terrorized creature during thunderstorms, hunting season or when fireworks blast in the area.

I first wrote a condensed version of Sadie's story during the mid 1990s, it appeared as an ongoing serial in 'The Grove Sun Daily,' Grove, Oklahoma. It was my intention and hope, then and now, that those who read Sadie's story will determine for themselves to also rescue an abused animal and return it to the trusting creature it once was. My second hope is that all that read this tale will see the necessity for spaying and neutering their own pets. Spayed and neutered animals become healthier, longer lived pets for their owners.

Sadie and Caney"A boy and his dog" - Sadie the homeless, hopeless dog we met in 1990 has become fat, sassy and ready to welcome other homeless critters. Caney, the near blind, young cat who joined us recently has found a warm friend in the once abused Sadie." Sadie's story proceeds donated to A R F Bartlesville, Ok chapter to help care for other homeless creatures.

Please, I hope you will consider rescuing an abused or neglected animal and reap for yourself the wonderful rewards that will certainly be yours.

Daddy's One Acre

Daddy's One Acre
by Tomsdattar

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Daddy's One Acre is told through the eyes of a young girl living in the San Joaquin Valley, California during the end of the 1950s and into the 1960s. Daddy and Mama buy their first
house, a real 'fixer upper' much to the dismay of Patty, Anne and I. Snake in the Hen House (one of the wonderful stories included in Daddy's One Acre) won first prize in 1992 in a newspaper sponsored contest in Pryor, Oklahoma!


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