Cozy Fantasy

InnerLand: The Door

InnerLand:The Door
By Tomsdattar
Cover: Teresa Powell

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College student Marc Hawley discovers a never before seen doorway in the wall of the attic of his old family home. The door opens into a passageway where the young man knows none can exist and leads to a strange new land filled with wizards, magic and 'people' Marc never realized were possible.

Tvek, the extraordinary land's chief seer soon sends Marc and his new found companion Jono upon a quest to recover a missing 'Smoke.' Marc is given a number of parchment packets which he is told he will use when it is 'auspicious.' Those Auspicious moments, and their magical traits come soon and continue with varying results throughout the trek.

The teens meet a young winged equine who is afraid of flying, cross the dangerous 'Sinking Sand,' and fight the frightful marauder hordes not once but twice. The duo travel over an amazing watery cataract with a most unlikely raft captain before joining the winged equine echelon on a trip to the NorthEast Mountain village of the Taal where Marc aids Melun, an unmusical Taal in a village of musicians. He and Jono join the Taal patrol bound for meeting with the land's military infantry and find themselves bivouacked below the earth's surface with Curtain Wall Johnson's battalion. The pair will engage in fierce battle along side the patrol before Marc is offered a lieutenancy by the beloved General officer.

At last, with the errant vapor captured and stashed away, the weary pair set out for Tral City and a well deserved rest. Before they can attain their goal the youngsters are drawn into a life and death situation leading to rescue of a large Brownie clan. Tral City provides a time of R and R before Marc is returned to his own basement in time for supper on the day he left.

Reviews for InnerLand: The Door

When nineteen-year-old Marc Hawley helps cleaning the attic of his old family home, he happens upon a door in an outer wall. Intrigued, he opens the door and descends a stairwell that takes him to a magic place.

The book might as well have been entitled "Marc's Adventures in InnerLand" because just like Alice in Wonderland, Marc meats the most astounding quirky creatures. He makes friends with a squirrel, Jono, who - like all the other animals in InnerLand - dresses and behaves like humans do. Jono joins him on an adventurous quest: Tvek, the land's chief seer, wants them to find a missing Smoke that reveals secrets.

And off they go, equipped with parchment packets that will help them when something auspicious happens. And lots of auspicious things happen indeed, making their journey sometimes dangerous, sometimes exciting and often simply hilarious.

"InnerLand" is a tale so imaginative and irresistible that it will transport you to this mystical world where anything is possible. It's a story bound to appeals to both children and adults, a truly superb mix of fantasy and adventure with an inventive cast of highly memorable creatures. In a most entertaining way it will remind you of how powerful a child's imagination is.
Christine Spindler, E-Books for Kids

This is a must to read. Incredible imagination taken to a higher level. Loved every chapter.
Barbara Bowers

A very well put together and compelling story. I can't remember the last time I read a book with such depth. Cheers to the author!
Shirden Prince


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