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The Wonderful Day

The Wonderful Day
By Tomsdattar
Illustrated by Amanda Boggs

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Brother and I remember a wonderful day spent with Mama in our leafy bean house.
A feel good book about happy family times to read to ages 2 to 6, a read alone for the 6 to 8 year old.

Quote from the book: "Through the green vines we peek my Brother and I. High over head we see the blue of the sky. We peek again what do we see? We see two white ducks, one small brown rabbit, and four black hens as fat as can be. They are walking and scratching and hopping all around our leafy bean house."

Concept: simple pleasures provide happiness and good memories. Families provide opportunity for fun, developing feelings of security and learning how to share and care for one another
* counting practice
* color words and colors

Reviews for The Wonderful Day

When I was a kid I loved to play in my grandmother's garden because of the huge weeping willow where I played house with my friends. It's one of my fondest memories. In "The Wonderful Day", a brother and sister have a leafy bean house, where they feel secure and have fun all day long.
This is a great book to read to children aged 2 to 6. Afterwards, your kids will long to build their own little house, indoors or outdoors.
The book comes in a self-extracting format with pages that move like real pages. I liked it so much I will read it over and over again.
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