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In a Parrot's ShoesIn a Parrot's Shoes
Mindy Wilson
Artist: Ed Woodward III

Interesting read .. Recommended ... 5 stars

It is three weeks before the end of fifth grade when Megan Parrot comes to join the class. Mindy likes her right away until Megan begins copying everything Mindy does. Mindy likes to be a little bit different… one red shoe and one yellow shoe, and the like. Mindy fusses and fumes as Megan get a notebook like Mindy's and wants only the bottoms of the hamburger bun like Mindy's until Mom points out that Megan must think Mindy is pretty cool or she would not copy. The more Mindy thinks about that the more she realizes that Megan is giving her a real compliment to copy.

Writer Wilson presents a fun read in her little book "In a Parrot's Shoes". The book is 17 pages, language used has a nice lyric flow, vocabulary is what we expect to find in a book meant for the 9-14 year set. The dilemma presented is one kids this age often encounter. The solution is nicely worked out. Mindy and her gaggle of friends typify kids teachers see everyday in the middle grades.

"In a Parrot's Shoes" is a book teachers, parents and kids alike will find enjoyable. The work will fit into the classroom as a discussion starter for a unit on self perception, treating one another with acceptance and understanding. Kids who do not often read anything will enjoy the shorter length. I hope writer Wilson plans more of these books.

Enjoyed "In a Parrot's Shoes". As the parent of a kid who always wanted to be different I can sympathize with Mindy, and with Mindy's Mom!






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