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Death by CandlelightDeath by Candlelight
Billie A Williams
Wings ePress

Interesting Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

Naturally candle maker Danielle Maynard Ord is a suspect when her abusive husband is found dead with the remains of a candle nearby. The police soon determine that Danielle and Randy have not been married long. The young couple had a history of problems centering around Randy's drinking and abuse of Danielle. When it is discovered that Randy is the scion of a wealthy family and Dannielle is a bar maid then of course Danielle must have married him for his money.

Detective Sandy Marsh finds himself drawn to the pregnant widow as he works to solve the case surrounding the circumstances of Randy Ord's death. Homeless Blanche Stewart and her carefully penned journal, the overbearing Beatrice Ord, Danielle's arrogant mother-in-law, a man named Delegano and his cohorts with colorful names: Horse, Mace and Shorty all figure in this romantic thriller. The murderer may surprise you, the motive behind the death may surprise you more.

Writer Williams has produced a satisfying mystery in her offering: "Death by Candlelight". Set primarily in Durango, Colorado "Death by Candlelight" will hold the reader's interest in this fast paced romantic-mystery work.

Williams' group of characters are interesting, human and believable. Danielle and her waffling about Randy's abuse toward her is something many abused women will no doubt understand. The supercilious mother-in-law is the woman none of us hope to meet.

Filled with enough detail, twists and turns along with snappy dialogue "Death by Candlelight" presents a puzzle for the reader as the story encompassing Randy Ord unravels to reveal the actual murderer. The romantic twist between Sandy Marsh and Danielle adds to the reader's enjoyment.

Watch the red herrings, they are meant to cause you problems!

A good book for a long winter evening alone in front of a roaring fire and the cat asleep on your lap.




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