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Degrees of SeparationDegrees of Separation
Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler
Quiet Storm Publishing

Absorbing Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

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Stephan Kelley, adoption case representative for the Second Chance Adoption Agency faces a difficult decision when seventeen year old Taaya Savic gives birth to twins. Kelley does have two couples who would each like one child, neither wants to take responsibility for two. The wealthy DeMazzinos are offered the frail, weaker twin who Kelley feels will need more attention, and possible health care than the stronger girl taken to Jane and Elmo Bronston.

Twenty one years later in the sleepy little, population maybe 8,000, Wisconsin town Falcon's Bend, Andre Trelawney and his odd assortment of wife, dancers and cohorts appear. Trelawney opens a classy gentleman's club where Lacey, Teresa, Cherry, Deidre, Sugar and Vanessa perform. When Teresa's body is found hidden under a bridge in Witmer Park local Falcon's Bend by local eleven year old Davy York thirty year police veteran Dennis Lambert the local detective force begins the investigation into her death. Lt. Pete Shasta and his partner Danny Vincent, a former NYC cop, begin unraveling the strange circumstances surrounding Trelawney and his associates. Following the murder of a second dancer and disappearance of a third the already worrisome case takes on an aura of terrifying proportions. Shasta knows he must find the culprit soon before the murderer strikes again.

Writers Wiesner and Spindler have done an commendable job in this their first of the Falcon's Bend Series. Fixation, machination, intrigue and artifice abound in this provocative, skillfully wrought tale filled with resentfulness, malice, passion and envy. "Degrees of Separation" is a fast paced page turner peopled with enigmatic characters, obsession and a pleasantly puzzling story line that holds the reader mesmerized from the opening lines of the epilogue right down to the last paragraphs. We follow Shasta and Vincent on their mad dash to ensure the murderous culprit is stopped before any more deaths occur.

A picturesque mélange of striking, engaging characters filled with a veritable flood of impetus, quick moving plot, apprehension, taut and at times gritty dialogue, ruthless passion, obsession, a peek into the dark depths of the human psyche, "Degrees of Separation" has it all. Capturing the helplessness felt by those least able to defend themselves against the machination welded by a tyrant the writers carry the reader along to a satisfying conclusion in this powerful read.

"Degrees of Separation" is not for everyone, some graphic although not gratuitous scenes, not for the faint of heart. A good book for those who take pleasure from a long lazy afternoon set aside for enjoying a compelling account.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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