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Caveat GamesCaveat Games
Michael Wegman

Entertaining Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

The narrative opens as Naval Lt. Jill Sinclair is jolted awake by the sound of the telephone. On board a warship moving toward Cuba she was loathe to give up the dream she had been enjoying. As yet Jill is unaware that her life and that of NFL Quarterback Terry Jackson will be caught up in the same dangerous scheme. Terry and his wife Patty live in Pensacola. Jill a skilled underwater acoustics specialist is an enlisted sailor now commissioned. A plane crash, dives to recover the black box, gambling and danger all are part of the developing tale. Jill struggles against government venality, stumbles upon secrets sure to stun the world of professional sports and finds herself facing an increasing fume of mendacity. Jill receives an intriguing email from her husband. Ross warns Jill to watch her back and she is more than a little puzzled why he might be worried. Jill disobeys an order, battles makes a discovery that could lead to more danger than she had bargained for and finds herself confined to quarters. A kidnapping aboard a ship loaded with explosives, Jill worries while confined in the Guantanamo Bay Brig and terrorists willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause all move the narrative toward the conclusion.

Writer Wegman is a career naval reserve officer who calls upon his knowledge of the military to produce a meritorious work filled with esotericism, excellent dialogue and zestful action. Fans of fast paced suspense thrillers are offered plenty of each from this rousing chiller. I enjoyed the character Jill Sinclair. She is a strong woman with firm ideas as to right and wrong and what to do. Sinclair doesn’t back down when she thinks she is right. Wegman deftly capture the essential quality of mystification in this well written work. Enough red herrings are tossed into the mix to keep the reader on their toes as the story line continues. While easily read Caveat Games is not a formula work with the ending discerned by the end of the first few pages. Wegman’s exquisitely masterminded plot is set against a tapestry of engaging characters, powerful circumstances and compelling situations in this keenly focused tale. Reader interest is piqued from the opening lines as we are drawn into Jill Sinclair’s tantalizing dream and is held fast as the reader moves from sea to land and back again.

Good book for a long afternoon spent lazing while reading in the shade of a tree on a summer afternoon. Caveat Games is a good addition to the home library pleasure reading shelf, the home school high school level reading program and for those who simply enjoy a well written, good thriller.

Caveat Games is available as both eBook download and paper versions. I was sent a soft cover print edition for review. I do not keep all books I receive for review; Caveat Games is one that I will be keeping.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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