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Dancing in the MirrorDancing in the Mirror
Bryan Walton
Centreline Publications

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

"Dancing in the Mirror" is an inspiring work of one hundred forty-four entries comprising thoughts running the gamut from A -Y: from Aimless Action, Boredom and Loneliness, to Dealing with Anger and Fear versus Love to The 'In Love' State and Meditation and Relationships and Sadness. Other subjects covered include Times of Testing, Unconditional Love, The Void and The World of Learning. Yesterday and Tomorrow finish up the work.

Author Walton is a trained electronics engineer who of late holds seminars on project quality management. "Dancing in the Mirror" is a systematically directed book of random readings meant to be opened and enjoyed at will. Whether the reader is filled with concern for relationships, learning, miracles or the Power of Love released there is something for him on these pages.

"Dancing in the Mirror" is a useful work about awareness of individual validity composed of, warm, clear-sighted entries aimed to offer principles for enhancing contentment of life, strengthening of the healing power of love, and methods for letting go of the past. Motivation to positive action, guidance for letting go of attachments, and directions for being fully present are offered on the pages of the book. Those seeking confirmation of the true self, options to judgement and denouement from conflict to peace will find answers.

Writer Walton's understanding that explicit enlightenment is a key remedy to the anxiety and apprehension controlling our manifold and rushed lifestyles. Walton's book is meant to serve as a guide for those taking time each day for tranquil contemplation to encourage a state of harmony, permitting us to raise ourselves away from the cares of the world. Many comprehensive, authoritative works are available today to show us the way forward on our spiritual journeys; frequently what is needed is particular rather than general tutelage. Choosing works pertinent to our present situations can make a profound difference in guiding our growth.

I especially enjoyed On The Elasticity of Time. 'Wonders surround you and the half veiled eyes can only glimpse the beauty.' I like this notion.

Writer Walton has crafted an easily read work meant to be picked up and read often. Whether seeking help with choices or internal conflicts, listening to god or setting goals there is something here for every reader. A nice addition to the home or therapist library "Dancing in the Mirror" is a book to be reached for often.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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