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Vigilante VirusVigilante Virus
R Leland Waldrip
Rappahannock Books

Recommended 5 stars

First it is sexual deviates, rapists, child molesters and the like who begin to become diseased with a particularly virulent strain of the mumps. Bill Etelmeyer, investigative officer with the US Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, has his work cut out for him with this mysterious case.

As they each recover the afflicted men find they have been effectively castrated and are not particularly interested in sexual liason with anyone. Hard on the heels of that outbreak comes a horrifying world-wide epidemic of a peculiar flu mumps which leaves most of the world unable to bear children.

Dr. Marcus Peterson, whose wife was killed by rapists years earlier has perfected the virus used to effectively sterilize rapists and others having warped sexual tastes. Peterson is a meticulous scientist, however, when the police begin to home in on him as the Vigilante infecting sexual deviate and Dr Peterson realizes the officials are suspicious that the same person is behind both the mumps and the flu mumps outbreaks he takes his own life. Dr Stephen Montgomery, co worker of Dr Peterson, is fired from the National Institute of Health during the fallout following Dr Peterson's death. Following her graduation from University of Virginia Sharon Peterson, a scientist in her own right is determined to clear her father's name when she sets up a laboratory in the basement of her childhood home.

"Vigilante Virus" is one of this story teller's best in the opinion of this reviewer. Author Waldrip proves his versatility as an novelist with "Vigilante Virus". From the opening paragraphs of the prologue when young Marcus Peterson sees first hand just how powerful hormones can shape behavior to the last paragraphs when his daughter Sharon dedicates herself to becoming the best scientist she can, Vigilante Virus is a reader grabber. Interest is maintained on a breathtaking rush throughout the work. Waldrip's characters are all well thought out individuals. From the silly peeping tom to child molesters and stalkers and finally the fearsome serial rapist murderer each of the sexual deviates is believable, frightening and worrisome. Dr. Marcus Peterson and his solution to the predicaments police cannot control is fathomable, and maybe more than applauded by some as they read the stories of lives ruined, or listen to television news accounts relating how serial rapists and others continue their hurtful activities following incarceration, attempts at counseling and other methods employed today.

As in his previous two works Waldrip's settings are well thought out, dialogue is hard hitting and at times downright gritty. Many descriptions of particular activity are just plain disturbing, however Waldrip does not toss in titillating activity, conversation or scenes only to stimulate the reader. A skillfully interwoven suspense filled plot is the basis for the work.

This powerful, well written tale is one you will want to finish in one setting so choose a time when you can read from beginning to end. Keep the lights on. This is not a fluffy little tale for a dark and stormy night, or when you are home alone.

Powerful read, happy to recommend.

Griz NichtmareGriz Nightmare
R. Leland Waldrip
Rappahannock Books

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

The book opens with Jim Wilson who suffers from post traumatic stress because of a grizzly attack five years earlier dreaming of another bear attack upon himself. Experienced horseman and guide, Jim sets out on a Montana elk hunting trip with friends Joe Darton, Bark Harrison and Parson McNelty. Jim hopes to overcome his worry about another bear attacking him. About the time the men set out on their trip with four riding horses and 2 pack animals three desperate convicts break out of prison. Labaine, Morgan and Bellerman are as amoral as they come. After kidnapping a mother and daughter the trio set out to get themselves to Canada and supposed safety. As time progresses the paths of the hunting group cross with those of the criminals and their captives.

An unanticipated, barbarous attack carried out by the convicts leaves Jim Wilson believing he alone has survived the vicious, uncalled for shooting of Darton, Harrison and McNelty. The criminals show no regard for the plight, danger or hardship they demand of their victims as they force the two women to walk just ahead of Jim, Griz, Wilson. The determined group again sets out on horseback for their northbound trek. Misadventure, snow, lack of knowledge of the outdoors and even a bear attack or two meets the group at nearly every turn. How, or if, Jim will be able to rescue the two women and get himself safely away from these miscreants who appear determined that nothing or no one will stop them from getting out of the country becomes Wilson's predominant notion.

Writer Waldrip's unquestionable storytelling genius is showcased in the paragraphs of Griz Nightmare. Waldrip adds to his growing list of thrillers with the addition of this exciting tale filled with a fine cast of nicely developed characters, hard hitting dialogue and Waldrip's facility for painting word pictures delineating scenes and scenery. "Griz Nightmare" is a well crafted tale in which a complex
plot twists and turns carrying the reader right to the heart of the hunt with a detailed suspense filled plot. The reader feels anger, revulsion and a sense of revenge for the criminals as we witness their abuse of the kidnap victims, and their disregard for anything other than their own wants, needs and desires. The lack of compassion shown by the criminals is offset by the caring shown mother to daughter to mother, along with Jim Wilson's grim determination that he will avenge his friends deaths and somehow get himself and the two women to freedom.

I liked the addition of both the hand drawn map and actual photos of a hunting camp. They add much to the work. Good book for a lazy afternoon, I don't recommend after dark, during a storm or when little things go bump in the night.

Anasazi HarvestAnasazi Harvest
R. Leland Waldrip
Rappahannock Books

Entertaining read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Something peculiar is going on out in Navaho country. People are dying. The cause is not clear. When the police need help they call on Chaco Rivers. Chaco has been having dreams, or something for about a month. Nothing you can really put a finger on, but something is wrong. Bodies have been found, and forensics is finding something odd in the blood of the deceased. Chaco is having personal problems too. His girlfriend Anita is just about ready to call it quits when she enlists the help of a revered clan member. One night Chaco awakens to find someone he does not know is in his room. Talking with the intruder, making a trip to a local abortion clinic and meeting some folks new to the area help Chaco understand there is more to this situation than he had realized.

Writer Waldrip has taken an old theme -aliens- and has come up with a surprising NEW slant on the subject. Aliens and alien stories abound; none come close to the premise offered in "Anasazi Harvest" by this clever, capable author. Writer Waldrip uses his obvious enormous store of Navaho knowledge to construct a delightful work combining space aliens and the descendants of the Anasazi people in a credible, fiduciary work.

Twists, turns, potent motivations teem in this well crafted narrative of calenture, yearning and seemingly unattainable plight. In "Anasazi Harvest" Waldrip reaches out to the reader from the opening lines wherein he brings into being a mutable, resplendent tapestry against which this writer will weave his story. I know the area Waldrip refers to in his book. He has caught the locale to perfection. Waldrip's carefully chosen words came alive as I pictured each setting.

Characters are richly drawn, dialogue is believable, interaction between players is often gritty and filled with complicity. This skillfully interwoven tale bringing together both the Anazai people and the aliens who come to work among them keeps the reader intrigued in this fast paced page turner. The reader is drawn into the tale and held fast from the opening paragraph in this complex tale of powerful motivations, suspenseful plot and shocking experience.

"Anasazi Harvest" is a book sure to delight those who enjoy reading a book that isn't but well may be. Who knows whether the circumstance offered in "Anasazi Harvest" is only a product of this talented authors fertile thinking or may in fact be true.

Entertaining read, perfect for a lazy afternoon. Happy to recommend.




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