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Janet Sue Terry
JMB Publishing

Good Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

"Possibilities", set in the disorderly 1960's, is the story of a Nora Steele. She must face calamitous worries, when she is hauled into a dirty lane late at night, by scurrilous, would be rapist, Jason Merk. In spite of the fact that she was raised in an orphanage, Nora lands satisfactory employment just before she has to move out on her own at age eighteen. Her hard work and devotion pays off when she secures the admiration of her employer. Puissant Detroit Michigan defense lawyer Houston Ripley volunteers to pay for Nora's college education, before giving her an impressive promotion.

Masquerading as a journalist Nora manages to locate her maternal grandparents, in historic Mariemont, Ohio, and through them searches out her mother, well known novelist, Amy Snider.

Nora's life is well-nigh flawless until Blake Baxter, on leave from the Navy, anticipating a tour in Vietnam, crosses paths with Nora at a co-worker's party. Although he is in the habit of always having his way with women, Baxter is chagrined to discover he can't get anywhere with Nora Steele. Whenever he turns on the charisma, she scorns him. The fact that Nora apparently despises him, and views him as a heavy-handed, bothersome idiot, only serves to strengthen Blake's passion to win her over.

Notable characters include, Jeff Foster, an impressive, smart barrister with a jaunty disposition, and Rose, the Italian bookstore owner in Cincinnati, who works assiduously to keep her business open. Susan, the beautiful black paralegal who falls in love with a white man, even though her parents are over zealous in the civil rights movement and of course Nora herself are well developed characters filled with vivacity, and angst. Roy Rollick, the big redheaded farmer from London Kentucky who loves fat women, Laura, the orphan who dreams of becoming a doctor, along with Jane Goodbee, the compassionate head mistress of the Seventh Street Orphanage add to the reader's interest. Rounding out the book are Mindy Wilson, an aging heiress who is alone in the world, Samantha Tabor, the woman Blake Baxter was expected to marry.

"Possibilities" is the first in the series, book two will pick up the story as Blake searches for Nora. Writer Terry has produced an interesting page turner sure to keep the reader engrossed. From the opening lines as Nora flees from her attacker right to the last paragraphs as Blake is bereft when he realizes Nora may be gone from his life for good the book moves right along. Characters are well rounded, filled with human frailty, foibles, and imperfection. Dialogue is full of grit, hard hitting, acceptable. Blake is a good foil for the serious Nora. Possibilities is an excellent initial work for this series, the reader is caught up in the tale, then the book ends with the reader wanting to know what happens next.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.





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