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Quit SmokingQuit Smoking the Easy Way
Sallie Stone
Lulu Press

Informative Read ... Recommended … 4 stars

The narrative is not a story. "Quit Smoking the Easy Way" is a self help publication. The edition is a 70 page work; 31 of which are devoted to text and the balance to a segment cataloguing Goals, number of cigarettes smoked and reasons to quit.

The book is written by a woman who states she tried to quit smoking many times with little success. Writer Stone assures the reader ‘in this book you will finally have the information you need to quit smoking for good.’ I am not nor have I been a smoker. However, family members have been and I have seen the terrible results of long term smoking first hand. I will give the book to a smoker friend when I have finished the review.

"Quit Smoking the Easy Way" text is offered in one and two page portions. ‘Cinnamon Gum’ presents a plain spoken discourse on various types of plants used for medicine over the years. The reader is introduced to the therapeutic use of cinnamon. As an incentive for smokers to consider as they begin the road to quitting, cost of the habit and how much can be saved when not smoking is discussed, triggers leading to need for smoking are listed along with an explanation for why smokers smoke. Various ‘ways to quit ’are explored: Gum, patch, cold turkey are all discussed. Rationalizations smokers use for not quitting are inventoried, support groups and workshops for those having trouble quitting are suggested. Writer Stone lists a number of withdrawal symptoms the smoker may experience during the quitting process. Further the smoker is encouraged to recognize that there are some poor times for the smoker to consider trying to quit.

Writer Stone advocates tapering down as the easy way to quit smoking.

The last portion of the book lists 39 goals for quitting smoking, one is set down on each page. Below the goal is the location for the smoker to write the number of cigarettes smoked that day together with a reason for quitting. Hopefully by listing the number of cigarettes smoked the smoker will be encouraged to smoke fewer and fewer cigarettes until at the end of the 39 days the smoker will have reached their goal of 0 cigarettes smoked.

Writer Stone has crafted an easily read work written in ordinary terms for the smoker who wants to quit. I like the one to two pages of text used to illustrate each salient point. The uncomplicated prose used coupled with actual experiences of a smoker add a dimension of authenticity to the work. Offering the added incentive of money saved by quitting smoking, a down-to-earth understanding of the cravings the quitting smoker will feel and understandable feelings of guilt after backsliding Writer Stone guides smokers toward their goal of quitting. A straight forward understanding for why smokers smoke and some plain talk for how to quit all add up to what should be a very easy book to follow, understand and use. When I first glanced through the book I was a little taken aback to see that half of the volume seemed to be devoted to little substance, however after reading the text the rational behind only one goal, number of cigarettes smoked and a reason to quit appears sound.

"Quit Smoking the Easy Way" is a book meant to be well used by those who want to quit the habit.

Informative read, happy to recommend.




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