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Dan Snow

Good Material: Recommended

I received a pdf. copy of the eBook for review. Pdf is my preferred type of eBook.

This work is a collection of twelve chapters encompassing articles and/or other materials produced by a series of well known writers in the field of eBook publishing. Contributors include Richard Eoin Nash, Dan Poynter, Wade Roush and Glenn Sanders, Sabrina Coshow and editor Danny Snow. Topics include 'Experience at OEB,' a comparison of Microsoft Reader and Adobe PDF and recent Supreme Court rulings regarding eBooks, their writers and protections. Especially of value, I believe, is the large listing of Resources to be found in Chapter 12.

I have in the past read several of these articles on various InterNet sites. It is advantageous to me to now have all of these materials in one place.

Articles included in the work are presented in professional manner by professional experts in the field. These are not cutesy little feel good articles based on unfounded thought about what ePublishing and eBooks are all about. Rather the materials gathered by editor Snow are well considered, well written pieces grounded in research and intended to inform. The masterful tone for the work is set in the preface by Richard Eoin Nash, and carries right through to the last page. Dan Poynter's 'Making the Web pay' will no doubt catch the attention of many hopeful, beginning writers who hope to turn their passion into a true vocation. Valuable information is included in each of the articles. This is information which can only serve
to aid beginning as well as well established writers.

Most encouraging to those of us who produce and/or enjoy eBooks is the statement found at the beginning of the Afterword: 'The inherent power of e-publishing remains strong.'

Good collection of well written articles by folks who are accepted as knowledgeable in the field pertaining to eBooks and ePublishing, enjoyed the read.




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