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Purrlock Holmes: And The Case of the Vanishing ValuablesPurrlock Holmes: And The Case of the Vanishing Valuables
Betty Sleep
Pagefree Publishing

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Fun Read ... Highly Recommended ... 5 stars

Birman Purrlock Holmes lives with the Robertsons. They are a typical family with Dad a computer 'geek', Mom working for the police department, and pre teen Steve and fifteen year old Rebecca going through much of the same growing up angst as all kids experience. And, oh yes, there is the dreaded hairball hacker, whomever that maybe as well as the family dog Watson the Basset. The tale opens on a day for what Purrlock reveals is a pretty characteristic day for the family. The kids are fighting, Dad is lost in the sports page, Mom is concerned about a rash of recent thefts and the dog just fell down stairs, again. So far the thefts are small: a silver lighter here, an old silver dollar there, a silver chain. The only suspect so far is Andrew. He is a new kid in town who has been working at odd jobs for the neighbors. Where ever Andrew has worked something seems to have disappeared.

Purrlock and Watson set out to try to discover what is really going on. Before long Purrlock sees a pattern. With the help of the neighborhood pets: a Schnauzer, a gold fish, parrot, ferret, potbelly pig, snooty cat and a rabbit it doesn't take Purrlock long to discover a sad little boy who is recovering from his parent's divorce. He also finds a pair of lost kittens and discovers exactly who, how and why the thefts have been taking place.

Writer Sleep, herself a cat breeder and lover of the Birman group, has penned a sure winner with her "Purrlock Holmes: And The Case of the Vanishing Valuables". The tale told in the first person by Purrlock is filled with humor, tongue in cheek plays on words, enough clues to aid the target audience into making some assumptions about who the culprit might be along with enough red herrings to keep older readers on their toes and turning the pages.

"Purrlock Holmes: And The Case of the Vanishing Valuables" is a book cat lovers and even those who don't care so much for the creatures will enjoy. The escapades, near misses and scrapes Purrlock and Watson get themselves into as they try to unravel the mystery are sure to bring a chuckle to the young reader. This is an excellent book for that after lunch period quiet reading time as teacher teachers a chapter a day to youngster.

Excellent choice for the school, counselor and home library. Older kids will find the work perfect for an afternoon's reading, younger kids will enjoy the grown up chapter feel to the book. With humor and wisdom "Purrlock Holmes: And The Case of the Vanishing Valuables" touches on the desolation children often experience when divorce turns their world upside down, children who have experienced this sadness may see themselves in Andrew. The two lost kittens typify the attitude many folks have for their pets, when they become a 'burden' many pets find themselves discarded with little regard for the animal and its plight. Along with an enjoyable tale teachers and counselors will find opportunity for children to discuss divorce and responsibility for the creatures who share our space.

Enjoyed the tale, hope to see more from this writer. I too like cats and particularly enjoyed reading this story told from the perspective of a pretty quintessential cat.

Happy to recommend.




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