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Beside MyselfBeside Myself
Ginger Simpson
Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Entertaining Read Recommended 5 stars

Opting for an exciting new life in San Francisco following finishing up her MBA Nebraska native Cynthia Freitas soon discovers high rent, low pay and little time for anything except work and trying to clean her less than wonderful apartment. The newspapers are filled with stories of missing petite blondes, one body has been found and more are missing. Cynthia's already frayed nerves begin to really unravel; she is a petite blonde. Meeting tall good looking Alex Carlyle encourages Cynthia toward believing maybe her life is not going to remain as boring as it has been. Little does Cynthia realize just how exciting her life is to become. Even the arrival of her brother Kevin does little to calm the recent storm of excitement caused when accountant Cynthia and police officer Alex realize they have somehow become fused in a personality transference following a sudden electrical surge. More bodies are found as the maniacal serial killer continues his mad quest.

"Beside Myself" is an exhilarating, fun romp through a series of events sure to tickle the funny bone of all who enjoy light hearted sci fi coupled with a little romantic suspense. The problems faced by Cynthia and Alex as they struggle to find their way in one another's bodies and jobs while searching for some way to transfer back to their own selves without any one becoming the wiser are handled with sagacity and expertise. Writer Simpson possesses an obvious good sense of humor as she weaves an acceptable and compelling tale from a dubious circumstance.

Characters are well fleshed, dialog is fitting, at times gritty, but not specious. Reading of Alex's problems in trying to comb his/her hair or wear high heels while trapped in Cynthia's body brings first a smile then a giggle and finally a belly whomping gale of laughter. Cynthia fares as badly when she faces having to dress in uniform for the first time in the station house locker room.

Reader interest is caught immediately as "Beside Myself" opens with a view of the murderer sitting and brooding darkly to himself. Simpson's piquant writing style moves the reader right along from the suspense filled plot of the serial killer to the monumental dilemma of daily living facing Cynthia and Alex and back to the search for the killer. Twists of plot, spine tingling action, well-drawn characters, profuse struggle suitably resolved, potent dialog; "Beside Myself" has it all.

Writer Simpson's ready wit has taken an implausible notion and created a staggering tale sure to enthrall the most picky reader.

Great book for a lazy afternoon spent in the hammock under the shade of a very large tree.

Heads up, Simpson offers enough red herrings to trap the unwary.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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