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A name for a princessA Name for a Princess
Susan Shorr

Pleasing read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

When a baby girl is born the king and queen are troubled. What will they name the baby.

At last they decide on a name. They will call their little girl the King's great great grandma's name and the queen's third cousin's name and the fairy godmother's name. Each of these have attributes they hope their daughter will portray. And so it is, their little girl is happy, lovely and everyone loves her. However there is a problem, when she is grown all her suitors giggle and giggle when they hear her name Leopolda Ethel Anchovy. At last the fairy godmother suggests that the princess be called by her initials, and soon suitors galore come to court Princess Lea. Lea is not happy, she wants a man who will love her for herself, and not for her initials. Everyone is left giggling again, and the Princess fears she will never wed until the historian Jon steps forward with a solution.

I like writer Shorr's little book "A Name for a Princess". The vocabulary is a bit advanced for most primary age readers to use the book as a read alone, however the work will fit nicely into most K-3 programs. Children this age enjoy having books read to them and this is a book to read often. "A Name for a Princess" will fit into the self awareness program as a discussion starter for use by classroom and homeschool teachers and parents alike.

"A Name for a Princess" has a nice language flow, colorful pictures and a theme children will take pleasure from. The silly funny names both the hero and heroine bear are ones kids are sure to enjoy. This is a book I would use in my own classroom with children I the 5-8 age group.

The PDF format opens easily and will easy for children to manipulate for themselves for freetime reading activity with a parent or student mentor nearby to help with the text reading.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend "A Name for a Princess"




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