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Revelations Alpha and OmegaRevelations Alpha and Omega
David Allen Rigsby

Interesting Read ... Recommended ... 3.5 stars

In deep space God recognizes He can bring light from darkness. Soon He creates man in His own image and creates for Himself a flying machine of gold. Over a span of six millenniums God creates the world, life and Eden the home for His last creation: man. After taking a millennium to rest God checks in to see how things are going with His creation only to find one third of the angels, man and the most beautiful angel Lucifer have fallen into sin. The movie opens with prophet Elijah being transported back and forth in time in a flying chariot that looks pretty much like an UFO. The audience meets David Smith, a P-51 Mustang pilot who has been shot down over Berlin during the midst of WWII. David has fallen in love with Katy Weiss, a Jewish woman. Next the audience is sent to the Garden of Eden to meet Adam and Eve. God must intervene when Lucifer/Satan moves to corrupt the offspring of man through his captains taking human wives and producing children with them. Noah, the flood, huge monuments to honor Adam and Eve: pyramids are built, giants, fire, the tower of Babel, God's confusing language thus scattering man over the face of the earth, birth of a Redeemer: Jesus, introduction of technological warfare, the attack on World Trade Center Towers all figure in the work.

"Revelations Alpha and Omega" is a fictional account screenplay trilogy based on the Biblical book of Revelations. Writer Rigsby has spent many years researching how the Bible and recorded history go together. "Revelations: Alpha and Omega" transports the reader back to the Garden of Eden where the fall of mankind and one third of all the angels is explained. Nostradamus, World Wars I and II, The French Revolution, Notre Dame Cathedral, Tsar Nicholas II and the apparition of Fatima all appear on the pages of the narrative. "Revelations Alpha and Omega" blends written annals with Biblical teaching as it explains the puzzlement circumfusing many of the common myths, tales and legends humans enjoy. David Allen Rigsby's heroic tale carries the reader on a imaginary expedition through time and space, unveiling the inter-relation of religious accounts and non-fictional episode along the journey.

At nearly 200 pages respectively "Revelations Alpha and Omega" the pace of each work is busy, characters are often portrayed in cursory fashion and chronological adherence is frequently fleeting at best. Rigsby is a Bible scholar who believes he can prove the Giza pyramids and sphinx were actually built by the Righteous seed of Seth (son of Adam and Eve) in order to tell future generations about mankind's Redeemer. Rigsby has just published his research in a fictional tale, "Revelations, Alpha and Omega." The reader needs a working understanding of Biblical teaching to gain the most from reading the screenplay.

On his website writer Rigsby offers the novice valuable information for understanding screenplays: 'To READ a screenplay, you should know these basics: EXT. means Exterior. INT. means Interior. This designates where the scene takes place. (Indoors or outdoors) POV means Point Of View. CLOSER VIEW means the camera shot is very close on the subject; WIDER VIEW is a wide shot etc. (O.S.) means the person is Off Screen. (V.O.) means Voice Over. B.g. is background and f.g. is foreground. M.O.S. means without sound. AD LIB means the charactor's are talking audibly, but their lines are random and not scripted.

Happy to recommend.




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