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A Pal For Martin
Children's reading level 3.2
Christiane Renauld
The Child's World (English edition)

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Martin is a lonely little boy who is desperate to find a pal. His first friend is a slug, but Mama tosses the slug out. Next Martin befriends a snail. And now even homework is fun. Martin is devastated when snail disappears. He learns to deal with his grief before Mama brings home the best pal of all.

This delightful book written by Christiane Renauld with illustrations by Corderoc'h is one sure to please children, parents, teachers and those who need a high interest limited vocabulary. Writer Renauld's "A Pal For Martin" is a good 'read to' book for the 3-7 set,
and is a read alone for strong readers of 8 and 9. Interest level will appeal for kids from 3-10 or so. Although I have only recently been introduced to "A Pal For Martin" this is a book I would have been happy to use in my K-1 classroom. The tale is entertaining, sure to hold the interest of children and would be a nice addition to the classroom or home library.

Although first appearing in 1992 "A Pal For Martin" is one of those timeless works having continuing appeal for children today. It has been distributed to schools and libraries by Encyclopedia Britannica. The book is found listed on many school sites, as well as
accelerated reading lists on the internet. I found the book available on the Amazon site for nearly $20. However, I got mine at the local One Dollar Store and am using it with my clients at a residential care facility for mentally retarded adults. The illustrations are charming, language flows nicely, the book is well crafted with a sturdy cover and the reading level is clearly discernible on the cover. My reading clients are reading the book, enjoying it and are asking for more.




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