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My Little OneMy Little One
Nancy Rechtman
Publish America

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Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Thirty four year old Emma Bronfman respected teacher and her LA talent scout husband Steve have tried for years to have a child. Seven years of criticism and pressure from Steve's controlling, grandchild hungry mother, trips to infertility clinics, hormone injections and nothing has produced a baby yet. To top it all off Emma's widowed father has a bimbo girlfriend who is twenty six and pregnant. Emma's crippled self esteem continues to nose-dive and then she discovers what she believes is a serious liason between her husband and a woman who may well be able to give him the baby lacking from his life. Emma's dissatisfaction with her job, her mother Dottie's death, her grandparents Abe and Sadie, Rhoda and Norm her in-laws and friend Jodi all have a part to play in this narrative of anguish and often despairing hope.

Drawing the reader into the account "My Little One" opens with a hopeful Emma entering the office of her doctor. Staring into the computer screen with Dr Asher she can see the fertility drugs have been doing their work. It is her fourth insemination try and her body has produced five eggs. Surely this time she will become pregnant. From that beginning the tale wends it way through anger, disappointment, thoughtless relatives, and friends who have their own lives to live. Reader interest is maintained right to the last pages as Emma begins to come to grips with her situation as she sits down to go through old photos of family and friends. Writer Rechtman has crafted a highly readable work meant to be enjoyed in one sitting.

An inviting account filled with believeable, real-life people and situations abounding with far flung jocularity and prickly colloquy sure to please those who enjoy a slice of life type read. Merriment and poignancy, discouragement and longing are supplied by the liberal pen of writer Rechtman. A powerful work of fiction although the premise, frustrations, and despair is one many women and their partners know well. Multi layered characters living realistic lives spring from the pages of "My Little One".

A nice addition to the home library, happy to recommend for those who like the genre.





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