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The Divine BabysitterThe Divine Babysitter
Tonya Ramagos
Wings ePress Books

Entertaining Read ... Recommended

When young mother Dominque Gabor runs and ad in the local newspaper she has no idea that she may soon meet the man of her dreams. Her ad for a baby sitter has brought a number of replies. Dominique is prepared to tell her five year old son Kalvin that the choices facing them are the multi pierced Monica Finch, grumpy Lucy Pringle or elderly Mrs. Noble. At the last moment a telephone call from Joshua Divine provides Dominique the perfect answer to her dilemma.

Dominique is delighted with the new arrangements. Kalvin is delighted with Joshua. College student Josh is delighted with his new gig. Only Joshua's jealousy plagued girl friend is unhappy with the present arrangements. In no time at all Dominique jumps to several erroneous conclusions, foremost is her belief that Josh is a thirty something loser who lives at home with his parents. The fact that he is not is revealed as the story progresses.

In her agreeable work "The Divine Babysitter" Writer Ramagos has produced a fun little romp filled with steps, missteps, giggles and more than a little misunderstanding, conniving and intrigue. The electricity evident between bar tender Dominique and Josh is palpable from the moment the two appear together on the pages of this talented writer. Josh's reticence for becoming involved with a bar tender is made evident in a satisfactory manner as is the resolution to the problem. The handling of the situation was both believable and acceptable.

I did think Dominique's overt early on reactions to Josh were a tad fast moving, but then this is a romance and the action does need to get established and move right along. AND DID IT EVER! While I am from an 'older' generation than Dominique, I do not fault modern gals a 'take-charge' attitude when it comes to either vocation, romance or daily living in general. "The Divine Babysitter" is an effective portrayal of a modern young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, take charge of her own life or live with the decisions she has made: all of these are admirable traits.

Romance is not my fav genre, however, I enjoyed this work by new a writer. "The Divine Babysitter" is completed with a nice compliment of well developed characters, enough artifice to keep the reader's interest engaged and plenty of steamy scenes sure to titillate those whose passion is passionate romances. Writer Ramagos has crafted a well round narrative in which everything evident is not precisely as first thought. Heather the jealous sweety is the girl friend from hell. Joshua the college student is exactly that, and much more.

The reader is drawn right into the narrative from the outset and interest is held tight in "The Divine Babysitter" as Writer Ramagos weaves a satisfying tale suitable for a quiet evening of hot chocolate, a snuggly wrap while sitting in a chair before a roaring flame.

True to the genre, recommended for those who enjoy amorous recitals.




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