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Secrets to Real Estate SuccessSecrets to Real Estate Success
Jerry Pujals

Informative Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

The work is not a novel, this is an enlightening How-To book filled with proven hints for increasing productivity. „Secrets to Real Estate Success“ is written by one of the nation’s leading motivational speakers who also happens to be a top notch real estate trainer. Given the proliferation of real estate signs we see in yards and on billboards a surprising statistic states 70% of all real estate agents quit the business within 18 months. Pujals notes -The myth of flexibility and independence is one of the main reasons why people flock to real estate-. Unfortunately, only 3% of real estate professionals know how to manage their time wisely. „Secrets to Real Estate Success“ is offered to help especially those just beginning in the business to stay with it.

„Secrets to Real Estate Success“ is a book of 24 chapters, an Introduction, Appendix and suggested reading. Chapter offerings include: -What is Holding You Back-, -Are you working the Business or working the "Busyness" -, -Set Your Own Standards-, -Create an Action Plan-, -Ethics, Integrity & Honesty-, and –The Final Secret to Overwhelming Success-. I particularly enjoyed reading Chapter 22 –Be a Professional, Not a Friend- in which writer Pujals puts forth a good sensible approach for how to successfully and professionally present yourself to potential clients. Pujals points out that to their detriment many agents think they must befriend each client which leads to a reduction in professionalism and hinders success. Potential buyers are not lacking in friends is the crux of the chapter, they are seeking a knowledgeable and honest agent who will aid as they buy or sell a home. Pujals explains that as agents struggle to befriend they do not increase success, rather the opposite is true. Pujals closes the chapter with the notion that clients want to do business with competent professionals not their friends thus keeping professional relationships businesslike, delivering quality service and exceeding expectations every time will ensure your success because your happy satisfied clients will happily refer others to you.

I found writer Pujals’ „Secrets to Real Estate Success“ to be highly readable book, and while I teach school and am not a real estate agent I found the book to contain sensible information for any professional and especially for those in the real estate industry. Pujals enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of success is very evident in his writing.

Writing in an inviting, practical approach, Pujals presents precise, feasible notions touching on a wide myriad of potential problem areas to help aid real estate successfulness. Agents are presented with a method for taking a competent methodology approach to their work. Pujals’ profits producing operation plans appear workable and sensible. Pujals even offers readers scripts to help them overcome whatever is preventing their hoped for success.

„Secrets to Real Estate Success“ details many of the false notions and common blunders often made by real estate professionals. Writer Pujals sets down businesslike suggestions, and includes practicable forms along with easy to read charts all meant to aid readers toward avoiding many hazards. He touches upon issues of responsibility in a manner, that if taken to heart, readers can develop good professional conduct.

„Secrets to Real Estate Success“ will prove a resource for those who are beginning their career, those who hope to add to their success and to brokers who are motivating their agents to bigger and better things. Excellent book for the personal library or as a motivational resource.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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