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One Small GiggleOne Small Giggle: A Now and Forever Journey
Molly Piper
JZK Publishing

Pleasing Read Recommended ... 4 stars

A baby sitting by a babbling brook laughed out loud when he saw a frog leaping from the water. And that giggle heard by his mother, and some huge trees nearby became the sound traveling around the world. The baby's dad, a boy on the beach and an old man who lived on the side of the mountain all were rewarded by the joy that giggle created. Children attending to their lessons, and a flock of flamingos as well as a herd of deer all felt the gladness engendered by that giggle.

Piper says, "what occurs at one point affects events at other places in the universe, per quantum experiments in nonlocality to demonstrate what Einstein called the 'spooky action at a distance.' In "One Small Giggle: A Now and Forever Journey" Writer Piper has created a delicate, fun book for use by parents and teachers to enjoy with their children.

"One Small Giggle: A Now and Forever Journey" is a nicely crafted work filled with bright, wonderful illustrations and a tale sure to please children and adults alike. The notion that a giggle surpassing human stumbling blocks to fetch us all into the immediate moment is a lovely thought.





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