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The Fullness Of TimeThe Fullness of Time
J. B. Orly
Educational Read ... Recommended ... 3.5 stars

"The Fullness of Time" is a work comprising five volumes introducing 48 chapters covering 546 pages.

VOLUME I SPEAKING BIBLE LANGUAGE includes Bible Code Words, Bible Language, Path of the Just. Information concerning perception and the Spiritual Word as well as a discussion of the antichrist are included. The Restraining Force, Characteristics of the Man of Sin and understanding man and history as well as a view of the bright light and special signs are included in this portion of the work. Volume I is 126 pages.

VOLUME II A BRIDE FOR CHRIST encompasses the church age, an overview of the New Testament Church, theory of Lost Faith, Apostasy and the church in the wilderness are included in this volume Some current religious activity is catalogued along with a listing of various representations regarding the modern church. The reader is pointed toward understanding the church of the first century. Volume II ends on page 232.

VOLUME III TROUBLOUS TIMES brings the reader to the tribulation and rapture. The volume recounts the author’s understanding of various signs leading to the tribulation. Volume III ends on page 334.

VOLUME IV THE BIBLE: A CRYSTAL BALL offers insight into the writer’s meaning of the word prophecy as it relates to the writing of this book. The often confusing subject of the beast as presented in biblical writing is tackled in this volume. Volume IV ends on page 424

VOLUME V CHRIST RETURNS the writer’s thoughts about the future, The Heavenly City of biblical verse, The Harvest, Coming of Christ and Millennium are all presented in depth. Volume V ends on page 534

Chapter notes are included on pages 535 - 546

"The Fullness of Time" is the author’s explanation of Biblical Prophesy as he understands it. Unlike many books dealing with prophesy i.e. basically a rehash of the book of Revelations; Writer Orly discusses various prophesy offered throughout the Bible. That the author has spent much time and effort in researching his topic is obvious.

"The Fullness of Time" will no doubt be found to be very worthwhile for serious Bible Students, and those who simply would like to know more of biblical prophesy.

As a Biblical study aide "The Fullness of Time" is readable, albeit hard to read. Print used is very tiny thus hard on older eyes, the 546 pages makes for a ‘chunky’ book to hold. Suggestion: Divide the work into five thinner, larger print volumes. I am a Bible scholar who often looks for a good study aide. I lean toward the thinner, larger print versions simply because they are easier to use. I would hate for this well wrought work to go unused simply because it is hard to use.

Found "The Fullness of Time" to be well planned and executed.




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