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The Time Has Come : The Book of Grace
First in a trilogy
Barbara Oleynick
Synergy Books
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Inspirational Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

The narrative opens in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is 2:33 AM on July 22, 1999. A young girl writhes in pain as she gives birth in a dingy area near the local waste management plant. The account moves next to two young boys who witness a phenomena they cannot explain in the sky over Sweet Springs, Missouri and from thence to Cibola, New Mexico where a woman of mystery ponders an ancient prophesy. At 4 AM a man on his way to work in Bridgeport, Connecticut finds a small, blue eyed, newborn baby girl lying on the ground. Albert, his wife Henna, their daughter Susie, and little Grace begin an adventure filled with tension, despair and hope. A year following the birth of her child Rachel returns to the birth site, only fourteen and still a youngster herself she meets the loving older couple who have accepted Grace and accept herself as well. The unconditional love Rachel receives from Albert and Henna empowers the teen to come to a more useful awareness of life. Slowly the players come to recognize that Grace is not just a baby, she is the last of those chosen by the creator to carry out the true plan intended for all. Grace has been sent to lead humankind through a turbulent and surreal time of change on Earth. It is she who will lead humanity into an era of peace.

Writer Oleynick has crafted an absorbing narrative reflecting her religious beliefs. While distancing herself from an explicit religious dogma Oleynick borrows heavily from Christianity to generate a unparalleled yarn certain to captivate the interest of readers who are searching for explanations outside conventional thought.

"The Time Has Come: The Book of Grace" is a well written work having a well rounded assemblage of noteworthy characters sure to please readers who enjoy the genre. Grace is a compelling figure as she matures and begins what is meant to be her life work as a healer. The dissimilarity between virtuous and corrupt is set down ingeniously by writer Oleynick as she makes known her awareness of keys to much global dubiety. The amalgamation of Christian dogma and mysticism is handled with skill. The balance of the trilogy will no doubt answer many questions left hanging at the end of this particular book.

An entertaining storyline coupled with engaging characters serve to set the tone for "The Time Has Come: The Book of Grace".

Richly drawn settings, potent motivation, snappy colloquy and sufficient bafflement combine to bring about a publication sure to satisfy the sagacious reader. A good book for a summer afternoon of reading enjoyment "he Time Has Come: The Book of Grace" is a must have for those who luxuriate in a little paranormal added to their inspirational reading.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend for those who enjoy the genre.




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