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Terror in the TankTerror in the Tank
Calley Moore

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Writer Madaline Ascot has a deadline, an editor pressuring her to get her manuscript to him and she does not need any interruptions. Interruptions she has aplenty. When Madaline learns her old friend and former boss has been killed in a shark attack in his own aquarium shark tank she cannot believe her ears. Dillion Ricter a distraught aquarium employee soon appears at Madaline's door. Peter Collins and his group of partners have owned the aquarium for years. Madaline knows there is no way Peter would take any chances around the sharks. Robert Warren, Peter's careless shark handler nephew is a likely suspect, after all he and Peter were arguing not long before the attack, Peter threatened to fire him and now Robert has gone missing. Dillion Ricter has been caring for the sharks since Robert's disappearance. Madaline too worked at the aquarium back in her teenaged days. She has known Dillion for years and knows she is becoming attracted to him.

When old flame Detective Jim Thomas appears to accept the obvious and not look further Madaline sets out to try to discover just what did take place to cause Peter's death. Before long Madaline is horrified to discover that she may have found the proof that she may have fallen in love with a murderer. Adding to the confusion Marie, Peter's widow also turns up dead. That there is more to the story than either an acrimonious or ambitious employee behind the deaths is something Madaline determines to uncover. Her investigation leads Madaline to discovering more chicanery than she had supposed at work and finds a motive tinged with little more than simple greed at the root of all the misery wrought by the murderer.

"Terror in the Tank" is another in a growing group of nicely crafted works by writer Moore. From the opening lines right down to the final paragraph the reader's interest is held fast in this gripping tale filled with a fine cast of players, hard hitting dialogue, complicated cleverly designed milieu, unanticipated twist and conniving machinations. "Terror in the Tank" couples a burgeoning romance with clever investigative talent as Madaline Ascot moves forward in her quest to locate the murderer and the reason for the death of an old friend.

Author Moore is growing as a writer; within the covers of "Terror in the Tank" conflict is plentiful and fittingly unraveled. Settings are described in enough detail to bring the reader right into the scene. Moore presents just enough romantic moments to tickle the fancy of those who hope for a bit romance with their conundrum, but not so many that the unraveling of the puzzle is lost. I found Madaline Ascot a particularly enjoyable character. She is a very human character facing life in general and deadlines in particular with about the same upsets and turmoil as most of us seem to experience. Writer Moore presents a page turner not to be missed. Watch the red herrings, Moore is learning to use them well.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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