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A Chorus of VoicesA Chorus of Voices
Kurt Messick
Dry Bones Press

Gratifying Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

The poems presented within the covers of "A Chorus of Voices" are grouped into First Poems, where the offerings include a thought provoking I am not ee cummings, the poignant I saw two men, hope in a friend is (any) sadness in love is a prison and one engaging work I particularly enjoyed stars. Sonnet Sequence, runs a gamut from nature, man, god, night, stars, my own particular favorite in this grouping was the first with its view of the sea, sand pipers, whale songs and sand. Non-Conclusions presents silent music with violins without strings and flutes without air, thoughts about those who have gone before in I look at the moon and a brief moment of quiet in but nature belongs to everyone.

"A Chorus of Voices" is a short 95 page work meant to be savored, reviewed, re read, and kept for future.

Poet Fr. Kurt Messick has produced a delightful reflective work in "A Chorus of Voices". Dreams, lost or hoped for devotion, sandpipers, England where he studied, longing and solitariness, are all subjects for this poet's talents. Messick apologizes for not being Shakespeare or other more 'literate' writers, in the opinion of this reviewer no apology is needed. Poet Messick formulates his own ethereal work and needs make no justification for his creation.

"A Chorus of Voices" is filled with a veritable opus of equanimity, words, cacophony and reverie. Colors and critters, nature, desire and resignation are all presented with grace and style within the covers of "A Chorus of Voices".

A book to be read and re read again, happy to recommend.




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