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Your Real Foe
Why Motivational Books Don't Work
Jack McMasters

Informative Read Recommended 4 Stars

The book is presented in seven chapters in which an explanation of the subconscious mind is explained. Chapter one is the introduction, two is background where the reader is introduced to the subconscious mind. In chapter three an indepth study is made of the subconscious, and in chapter four McMasters offers methods for programming the subconscious. Chapter five is my body, my temple and chapter six introduces the real foe: the real relationship between the conscious and the sub conscious. Chapter seven is the finishing notes and conclusions.

In "Your Real Foe Why Motivational Books Don't Work" writer McMasters offers the notion that the subconscious mind never rests, is always listening, takes things literally, can tell the self not to fail, and can be programmed. McMasters says emotion plays a part and the subconscious mind cannot understand sarcasm. How to program the subconscious according to author McMasters is to say what you want, write what you want, visualize and daydream what you want. Consistency is good, Mc Masters directs that we are wise to tell the subconscious what is what, and then let the subconscious figure out how to attain.

Meditation, Weight loss, Ki energy force examples are all presented. Writer McMasters says getting what you want is linked to the health of the body; exercise is important, it is important to avoid what is bad for health and don't overdo. Because environment affects conscious thought, the subconscious may try to set you straight. Because the subconscious will work against change it can be either an allay or a deterrent. Saboteurs, the real foe of motivation is explained.

Fear is a major saboteur. Writing down plans, talking to self and friends and meditation/hypnosis are good ways to help us put everything into perspective. McMasters says saboteurs pop up when least expected, it is important to eliminate saboteurs. If we will control conscious thought then we can eliminate saboteurs faster stop saying/thinking negatives. McMasters presents Elimination techniques.

Writer McMasters presents a well rounded work in "Your Real Foe Why Motivational Books Don't Work". His writing is easily read and understood by the layman. Author McMasters presents techniques that make sense. Australian McMasters experienced depression during his university years and fought his way back to reclaim his life. It was that experience that set him on the path toward an understanding for why most motivational books do not work. From the time McMasters was a teen the notion that taking control of his life has held great appeal for him.

Good enlightening read, happy to recommend.




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