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Think SafeThink Safe
James M McGrew
Cameo Publications

Interesting Read ... Recommended 4 stars

In the words of the writer "Think Safe" is a book filled with ‘practical measures to increase security at home, at work and throughout life.’ "Think Safe" is a work of 19 chapters covering a wide variety of topics including: ‘Section 1 – 6 chapter’ filled with Safety Precautions for Parents, ‘Section 2 – 3 chapters’ offering Safety Precautions for Women, ‘Section 3 – 2 chapters’ Safety Precautions for the Elderly, ‘Section 4 – 2 chapters’ Safety Precautions at Work, ‘Section 5 – 2 chapters’ dealing with Consumer Fraud Prevention, ‘Section 6 – 3 chapters’ filled with information pertaining to General Safety Precautions, ‘Section 7 – 1 chapter’ Protecting the Home. The book includes a residential survey for reader use to assess their own home security, or lack thereof.

I found Chapter 4: offering informative guides for parents and baby sitters, Chapter 11 filled with Financial and Fiduciary Abuse information: covering topics including Pigeon Drops, Bank Examiner Fraud, Home Repair Fraud, Caregiver Theft, Internet Fraud and Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes as well as Chapter 19 filled with methods for protecting the Home to be of particular interest and value. As a woman I will re read Section 2 many times. And Section 5 dealing with Consumer Fraud Prevention is going to be another section I visit often. As I age; Section 3 dealing with Safety Precautions for the Elderly will become more important to me.

Author McGrew comes with impressive credentials. He served as a law enforcement officer and is the president and CEO of an investigative and security consulting firm located in San Jose, as well as having over 30 years experience in planning, implementing and managing security programs in private and public sectors. Writer McGrew who earned a Masers degree in Administration of Justice from San Jose is a Certified Protection Professional, Certified Fraud examiner and a licensed Private Investigator.

"Think Safe" is not a story book, it is rather a jam packed work devoted to guiding the reader toward protecting themselves in all aspects of life whether as new parents, middle aged to elderly, on the job, or gender related. There truly is something for everyone in this jam packed work. McGrew offers statistics, helpful hints and plain common sense presented in easily understood language without sounding overly professorial or scare mongering.

This is not a book meant for pleasure reading, but is meant to aid the reader into a safer, more productive way of life.

I found much of value in the read, and am happy to recommend. This is one book that I will be keeping for my own personal library..




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