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CatsThe Little Guides: CATS
Paul McGreevy (Editor)
Fog City Press

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Informative Read ... Highly Recommended ... 5 stars

"The Little Guides: CATS" is a 320-page work divided into three sections. Part 1: 55 pages ‘All About Cats,’ presents a synopsis of the modern 36 species cat family. The biological chronicle of felines together with an overview of cats in general is presented. ‘Cats in the Wild’ offers a discussion of the ‘big’ cats including: lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, pumas, cheetahs, lynxes and the smaller ‘wild cats’ including servals, ocelots and feral cats. In the section on smaller cats the reader is introduced to some species they may never have heard of before: kodkod, pallas’ cat, oncilla, clouded leopard of Asia, the jaguarundi and the margay. These latter critters are about the size of domestic cats and live in all parts of the world.

Section two: 145 pages: is the ‘Cats as Pets’ segment and includes information important to those who choose to be owned by a domesticated cat. This division is divided into chapters. ‘You and Your Cat,’ presents information for how to choose the perfect cat for your home, information regarding pedigree and non pedigree, discussion of the ‘settling in’ time for the newly introduced cat, and pro and cons for house cat vs outdoors cat are all presented. The chapter titled ‘Caring for Cats’ offers the reader information needed for housing the cat, litter pan choices, feeding bowls, harnesses and carrying cages. ‘Your Cat’s Health,’ lists characteristics of the healthy and unhealthy cat, and describes various vaccinations to consider essential for good cat health. Parasites and how to deal with them is presented. Some common problems pertaining to cat health are listed. Types of food available for cats are discussed with advantages and disadvantages of each presented. Bathing and grooming the cat is discussed. Good diagrams are included showing how to administer medications. Other chapter headings in this section include: ‘Cat behavior,’ ‘About Breeding,’ and ‘Showing your Cat.’

Section three: 70 pages: offers more detailed information pertaining to particular breeds of cats. Longhaired and shorthaired breeds are discussed. Breeds are listed alphabetically beginning with Abyssinian, progressing through American Shorthair and American Wirehair, Burmese, Chartruex, Havana Brown and Tonkinese. Discussion of the breeds includes information pertaining to their history, a general physical description, pictures of the breed, a set of pet facts including need for grooming, temperament, best suited to indoor or outdoor life, and climate preference. A helpful glossary is included.

Editor McGreevy presents a good concise overview of cats in general and pets and pet care in particular. The book is filled with good clear illustrations of the various types of animals comprising the feline family.

As a cat owner and cat lover myself I particularly enjoyed this book. "The Little Guides: CATS" is detailed enough to fit the needs for veterinary classroom use as well as being simple enough for those of us who are not trained in veterinary science.

Excellent choice for cat owners or one considering becoming a cat owner. The sections on cat care, with illustrations of waterers, feeders, carriers, types of beds and feeding bowls provide the new owner with a clear view of what is needed to provide well for the new addition to the household. Need for neutering, noting that two cats are happier than one and aging are all addressed in terms readers will understand.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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