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An Energy of VisionAn Energy of Vision
Joseph McCullough
Publish America
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Enjoyable Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

An ‘Energy of Vision’ is a work of haiku verse offered by writer McCullough. Unlike many poetry books ‘An Energy of Vision’ begins as an untitled thought ‘Art imitates life; no idea is greater than the being of it’ and sweeps on from subject to subject, notion to notion over the next 140+ pages. Stanza after stanza flows across the sheet as the poet sets down his thinking and thoughts. Buddha, Allah, God are all declaimed. Cycles of nature, space, stars and the purpose of life are set down alongside words telling of pillars of sunlight, the spirit of life and a stone. Expressions to describe Numbers, Masters, Ideas and Planets influence the reader toward reading of people who share thoughts, the role of humans and mystic voices. The minstrel considers a Mozambique tale, women who control the world, and Aquarius pi before turning his attention a country without religion, spider web shadows and an advance token from a jitney bus. A million raindrops, the battle of ancient clouds and celebration in the forest lead into discussion the flow and ebb of human tides. Air Force one, a cemetery stone and the stages of life are each discussed. The bard finishes up with ‘an idea never ends even when forgotten; a system of thoughts.

Lyrist McCullough illustrates his sylvan propensity on the pages of this appealing work. ‘An Energy of Vision’ showcases McCullough’s excitement for life. Unpretentious refrains filled with intensity, acuity and reflection are included in this atypical presentation technique. Devotees of rhythm and style will definitely be excited as they find themselves resting repeatedly to appreciate a line or a longer portion before going on to the next inviting section. Poet McCullough exhibits an uncommon propensity for taking the prosaic consequences of existence and turning them into an enticing work. Filled with refined, penetrating, words to enthrall, and animate are offered as McCullough views the journal of life to produce a composition of charming work. Passion, mortality, knowledge; all are declared to the core of the reader in a most easy-going and measurable manner.

I found the stanzas lying within the pages of ‘ An Energy of Vision’ intriguing in their form. Phrases flow unimpeded; thoughts ebb and wane as the poet addresses theme after theme. Topics that seemingly do not fit together do so very well under the talented pen of writer McCullough. ‘An Energy of Vision’ offers the reader a far-reaching diversity of elan, subject and feelings to fit any reader want or need. I enjoyed the wide variety of thesis from the heartfelt to thoughtful, tribute to merry. There is truly something for everyone, and something for every occasion included in the work. Verse compositions are grouped by subjects, address each and then course onto the next without hesitation. That poet McCullough loves and understands words, their emanation and significance is manifest. ‘Energy of Vision’ is an banner addition to the home pleasure reading shelf, the school library as requisite reading for upper grade and high school students as well as for the home school schedule to be used for acquainting young people to absorbing, meritorious poetry presented in unique manner.

‘An Energy of Vision’ is a volume designed to be read and then brought out often for re reading again and again. I especially like the author’s methodology of the work seemingly to stream unimpeded from page to page; from beginning to end.

Premium edition for a long winter afternoon or a quick stanza or two while waiting for an appointment.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

The Rite of PassageThe Rite of Passage
Joseph McCullough
Six Gallery Press
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Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Writer Poet McCullough offers the reader a meandering poem beginning with "Translations from the writings of Iyouhesheit Weyoutheyme." McCullough provides insight into life: at any moment of the day there is life. Our emotions are explored before the writer leads the reader into a glimpse into the life most of us share: "Born of a lineage of emigrants…" and McCullough guides us along a journey our ancestors chose. "Religion" is investigated before McCullough steers our thinking to the present: "I add to my generation, but remain within my own life."

Turning to new sentiments McCullough shows the reader how The planet where we live transforms. I especially enjoyed the refrain dealing with Conversation of weather. A conflict of values is presented in lines meant to be read, and then read again. While the notion that each Season is made for another. The lines delving into I: I of creatures, I of spirit, I of person I of myself, I of communities and farms and give the reader a peek into ourselves in ways we may not have thought to explore before.

Predilection that Time has no emotion or that people while the same are all different at the same time is not an easy concept to grasp. Land, millions of acres is presented along with the poet’s thoughts dealing with Personal commitment and inherent trust. A Love of being alive and simple pleasures of a day round out the work. "If" leads the reader into considering many thought provoking tenets. If there were no written words...

"The Rite of Passage" extends to the reader a touching, momentary view into one man’s introspection as he investigates an abundance that life has to offer. Most of us never reach so deep within ourselves to bring forward what may be the foremost of what make us human.

Writer/Poet McCullough adroitly captures matchless and bittersweet significance in this ardently written, thought provoking work. The measure and accustomed language used by the writer bestows magnificent cadence to the reading. Unassuming but puissant in significance and sentiment presented in an uncomplicated style; "The Rite of Passage" is enhanced by extension, showcasing a sequence of stirring reflections.

The free verse format is excellent here and effect space for the reader to participate in the emotions stirred by the poet’s muse. Charming verse with sweeping appeal. I like the fervent explicitness of this distinctively expressed, refreshing write. The flow is as the current running over a well worn riverbed in this eminent rhetoric.

A stimulating read offered by a talented writer/poet; "The Rite of Passage" is a reflective, perspicacious work with many messages imbedded in it. Happy to recommend.




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