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The Pearl of LifeThe Pearl of Life: A Man’s Journey
Eric D Maze
Illustrator: Victor Pettiford

Pleasurable Read ... Recommended … 4 stars

"The Pearl of Life: A Man’s Journey" is not a story book per se, rather it is a book of poetry, art work and essays. Writer Maze says, "The main reason I wrote this poetry book is to give to all of my friends a remembrance of me when I am no longer on this earth. If poetry readers are a lot like me, then you wouldn’t really care who wrote it, you would just like to read it because it is poetry. That is the true love of the poetry word."

Poet/writer Maze presents his debut accomplishment in what I found to be a rather singular fashion. Each verse composition is showcased upon or beside the colorful, nicely wrought artwork presented by illustrator/artist Victor Pettiford. In addition, each poem is enhanced with an essay laying out the motivation behind the writing of the ode. I found the methodology of presentation to be enlightening, interesting and an alltogether outstanding technique of delivery.

LIFE CHANGES AND REBIRTH OF A NEW PERSON is the section designation for first six compositions. ‘Heaven’s Stream’ is a down to earth tribute written to co-workers who we learn are the poet’s friends as well. Family veneration is advanced in the stanzas of ‘Father,’ ‘The Ghostly Rose’ and ‘Mom’. The section labeled ROMANTIC LESSONS OF THE HEART contains three works. Ethereal ‘Friendship’ with its unicorn illustration is an especially moving piece.

NATURE also is a section composed of three odes. I particularly liked empyreal ‘The Flight of the Red Tail Hawk.’ Both the lyric and the accompanying artwork are outstanding. Imposed upon the picture of a majestic hawk in flight six stanzas carry the reader into the dusky haze of evening sky, trees, and moonlight. FUNPOEMS begins with ‘Terror of the Night’ and Ghastly Ghouls. Rhyming couplets are adivertissement read entitled ‘Bugsy the Bunny.’ We discover whimsical ‘Willow Tree’ was written based on a tree standing near the author’s home.

"The Pearl of Life: A Man’s Journey" is a forty four page book of poetry with a little something for everyone on its pages. The book is meant to be read and then pulled out for a re read of one or two works as the desire and notion strikes. I particularly like the author’s technique ofthe verse and side by side essay explaining the how and why of the poem. The work will lend itself well to the homeschool library for highschool age readers as they begin to explore the world of poetry for themselves.

"With The Pearl of Life: A Man’s Journey" Poet Maze and Illustrator Pettiford have done themselves proud. I hope there will be other volumes to follow. The book will make a good addition to the home and school pleasure reading library.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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