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The PaintingThe Painting on the Pond
Sharon Lewis Koho
Bonneville Books

Interesting Read Recommended 4 stars

When twenty-seven year old David Young, an artist from the city, and his friend and art dealer Jerry Stone decide upon the open countryside of a breath-taking valley in the Pacific Northwest for David to pursue his artistic work, David is little prepared for the strange adventure awaiting him. Jerry visited Slatersville during his vacation, rented a little shop and began calling David urging him to relocate. Settled in his sheltered cabin, free to paint to his heart's desire, Young is little prepared for the adventure awaiting him. While out for ride on his favorite Appaloosa in crisp morning air David catches a fleeting glimpse of an auburn haired woman. David's attempts to discover who she might be set in motion a bewildering set of events. It is Jerry Stone who relates the tale of a ghost who is said to be residing there in that part of the wilderness. An accident, the harsh wilderness of Alaska, David's invalid mother, dreams of woodland pond, and a chance meeting with a flesh and blood young woman all play part in the tale offered on the pages of "The Painting on the Pond".

In her debut work Novelist Koho presents a pleasantly puzzling plot entangling past and present into a narrative moving Main Character Young forward along a path he, none of us, ever expected to traverse. The possibility of any life other than the here and now is something few of us consider possible. The reader is drawn into the narrative from the opening paragraph as we follow David Young through his cabin door and toward the barn. Interest is kept intact right to the last lines as David gazes into the pond reflecting sunset clouds.

"The Painting on the Pond" is a well-written composition completed with an absorbing story line, presented with wit and style by a writer who distinctly captures vitality, dialogue and characterization. Well-fleshed characters and lively exchanges are defined against a framework of spectacle and timbre, redolence and tantalizing milieu. Koho's masterfully superintended work presents engaging, vivid glimpses into what is and what might have been or could be. Filled with enough artifice, intrigue and wonderment to keep the reader engaged "The Painting on the Pond" carries the reader along on a satisfying trek to unravel a puzzling conundrum.

"The Painting on the Pond" is an easily read work perfect for a lazy afternoon before the fire or out in the porch swing during the lazy days of summer.




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