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Dear World: a suicide letterDear World: a suicide letter
Paul E Jones
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Interesting Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

'Having three children is the one thing that has kept me alive.' Stand up comedian, songwriter and now author Paul E Jones opens his book with a poignant thought. Suffering from bi-polar illness Jones had begun a suicide letter to his family. From that beginning grew what was to become Paul E. Jones' "Dear World: a suicide letter", a treatise of optimism rather than a letter of hopelessness.

Those who endure the 'invisible disabilities' continue at a real handicap even today in our 'enlightened' society. As a group we offer succor and assurance to those who have disease, broken bones and poor eyesight. While we still have a long way to go to full acceptance: Mental illness is at last being recognized as a true and real condition, treatable, and not just the figment of those who seek attention or 'could do better if they just would'.

Writer Jones exposes for public scrutiny the ongoing pain he suffers in his personal battle with Bipolar Disorder. Jones' wrenching good-byes to his family, his coming understanding per the pain his death would cause his family, his growing awareness for what Bipolar Disorder really is and does; is not an easy, bit of froth read for an afternoon spent watching the kids out by the pool. The reader should be prepared to shed some tears, to do a little introspective thinking and to perhaps put the book down with more understanding for himself and others around him.

Excellent work for the home and counselor library. "Dear World: a suicide letter" is a book recommended for counselors to use with their clients, for anyone suffering disability and in particular for those who may also contemplate suicide. "Dear World: a suicide letter" is not a 'I made it, you can too,' accomplishment, nor does the writer claim that he offers suggestions for others. "Dear World: a suicide letter" IS ones man's coming to grips with the demon torturing himself, and most likely is father before him. And, it is in the writer's burgeoning understanding of the condition that the reader is offered hope.

From Jones' opening words in his letter: 'Dear World, I know that you do not know me, nor do you probably care about what I am about to do…' through his expressions to his family, and on to his final words: 'Dear World: I'm still here….' The reader is carried along on a breath taking, difficult, at times heart rending read.

Not for everyone, those too wrapped up in themselves to try to see beyond the obvious are not going to accept or enjoy the work. Anyone who has lived with a loved one suffering a 'hidden' condition is going to relish the words, read them over and over and recommend the book to others in their family, friends and total strangers. As the young folks say: been there, done that, happy to recommend "Dear World: a suicide letter".

Reviewed by: molly martin QMRP Director training center adult developmentally disabled, daughter of a woman who suffered life long 'hidden' disability in a day when the only help/hope was keeping quiet and taking 'mind bender' medication.




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