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A Mother of SonsA Mother of Sons
poems of love, wisdom & dreams
Jayne Jaudon Ferrer
Loyola Press

Enjoyable Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Exuberant Sons as portrayed in Rudiments of Life, Attack of the Diapered Viking and Word Pictures offer the reader a touching view into the too short time Moms have with little ones. I Am A Mother Of Sons might well be the verse for any mother of sons, " and a penchant for ice cream and frogs" Or, "frail babies with frantic cries" And, "humble men whose love will engulf us forever" Cries out to those who may also have had one of those frail little ones, or a boy who loved both frogs and ice cream, and are now grown into men to be admired. Perspective, About Sundays cause the reader to stop and consider more than just the moment. Eager Sons are portrayed in Welcome To My World as the writer describes little boys the world over, or in A Day In The Life which is sure to bring a smile to the lips of every mom. Earnest Sons offer seven delightful works, I especially enjoyed Earth Angel and thought of the little boy who lived in my house and is now grown to be a man I am still happy to know. Kindred Spirits with words telling of the eldest son, is another of the works I savored as I thought of my own eldest son. Edgy Sons presents a lesson in economics and a peek into the student driver. Evolving Sons rounds out the work with the last seven poems, Image is Everything evokes memory, Farewell, My Dear One is poignant and delicate, And So You Go might well be the chant for every mother of a son or sons.

Spanning some eighty-five pages the reader is treated to a variety of heartfelt odes written for and about sons by a loving Mom. "A Mother of Sons" is exactly that; verses filled with affection, common sense and reverie. Talented writer/poet Jayne Jaudon Ferrer presents elegant lyrical work in this sylvan composition. Moms and Grandmoms whether they are lovers of poetry or not are sure to enjoy "A Mother of Sons". Lovers of poetry will be doubly delighted as they read each passage with care, stopping often to savor a word or a phrase and then moving on to the next enchanting portion.

As might be supposed; I am also a mother of sons, the verses offered by writer/poet Ferrer touched me especially.

Lovely book to tuck into a special gift for a New Mom, Your own Mother or Grandmother, or to a friend who is also a mother of sons.

Enjoyed the read. I don't always keep the books I receive for review. "A Mother of Sons" is a book I will be keeping and reading again.

Happy to recommend.

Dancing with my DaughterDancing With My Daughter
poems of love, wisdom & dreams
Jayne Jaudon Ferrer
Loyola Press

Charming Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Illustrating the phases of a daughter's growth from infancy to adulthood, each stage is presented by a dance: Waltz, Jitterbug, Tango, Samba, and Freestyle. Waltz (Infancy): offers Heirloom in which an 'all thumbs' mom laments that the family sewing talent evident in a handmade dress has skipped a generation. Passing the Torch is a poignant peek into a mother's memory of her childhood and wonder at the memories she may be creating for her own daughter. Jitterbug(Toddler days and terrible twos): presents a delightful view of the child expectant parents dream of and the child they hold dear in the heartfelt Her Father's (and Mother's) Daughter. Mother Magic is sure to bring a smile to the lips of every mom as they consider their own little princess awakening, a tad less than queenly, from her nap. Tango (the teeny bopper years): Budding Beauty, Loaded Question and Crush explore hopes and dreams and fears and questions that daughters fear to ask and Mom fears to hear. Am I pretty, will he like me, oh no, Mom caught me trying on her bra and her lipstick and . Samba (the house has a teenager): Mom's Top Ten Tickets to Trouble the poet must know my mom and those rules for living she had in mind. Domesticity Specificity the poet must know my child and our divergence over the little phrase 'clean your room.' Freestyle (that time of mixed emotion when Mom must let go even though she desperately wants to do anything but.) Red Riding Hood Revisited presents the hopes and longing of grandmother, Veiled Retrospective and Mom's advice for a daughter's 'big day,' Essential Minutiae is a glimpse at all those important 'little things'.

The flow of writer/poet Ferrer's writing is delicate and graceful then swinging and twirly, now foot stomping and then swaying to the beat of the hearts of Mother and Daughter. The reader follows Mom and child from the moments of choosing the perfect name to birth through the terrible twos and on to watching a beautiful butterfly emerge from the little girl cocoon. Harmony and discord, adoration and frustration each is realized, accepted and met with intuitive understanding that without the one the other would not be so sweet.

September Lullaby with its heartfelt sincerity might be the mantra for every mother trying to help their own child cope with the uncertainty caused on 9 1 1. Words spilling from the pages of "Dancing with my Daughter" are filled with merriment and admonition, rueful awakening and acceptance. The awe new mother's experience is soon offset with the antics of a toddler bounding through the house with all the abandon of a hippo on ice skates. Dainty dresses give way to styles that cause a mother to cringe before a sophisticated, stylish young woman appears. The reader considers both her personal childhood and the bonds she is forging with her own child while savoring the words Writer/poet Ferrer cleverly presents on the pages of "Dancing with my Daughter".

Lovely gift book for a new mom, Your mom, or Grandmother. While I have only sons, I enjoyed the read, thought of my nieces and am happy to recommend.





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