Molly talks with Gigi Phillips

Gigi PhillipsMolly:
Gigi, I understand you have a book being typeset as we speak, can you tell us the theme of your book.

Sure, Molly. "Dealmaker" explores the power of the spoken word and the consequences of speaking evil into existence.

Can you tell me how you came to decide to write in this genre?

Observation of life. I believe in the premise of good vs. evil and I've always been fascinated that evil can pounce at any given time. It's a struggle that's as old as time itself and the possibilities, and consequences, are limited only by a person's freedom to believe. I've always had a fascination with both sides of the human spirit, but the fear evoked from "evil" is actually the lack of understanding of "evil." I just happen to explore my fears by creating characters in situations that scare me the most.

What did you find first write your book or seek out an agent or a publisher? Are you like most of us and have a stack of rejection notices or are you one of the lucky few to avoid such?

I finished the book first. You can't be sure if you have a viable product until it's finished...especially in fiction! What sounds like a great idea in the beginning can end up a heap of chaos. Therefore, I completed, edited, rewrote and reworked the manuscript of "Dealmaker" several times (I'm almost embarrassed to say just how many) before I began my quest for an agent.

And, oh yes! The lovely "rejection slip." Shortly after receiving enough paradoxical rejections to start a major fire, I found "Brown." And as they say, "The rest is history."

Which do you prefer, editing or writing your work?

Writing is relaxing to me. Watching characters grow and a story evolve is like a hearing a symphony in your mind and being able to interpret each note. Editing is getting rid of disharmony...kicking the lazy violinist out of the pit!

I can't really say that I PREFER one to the other. Both are equally rewarding. Editing is more difficult, but it's the conductor of the orchestra.

Gigi do you already have a plan in mind to help promote your book? Do you have book signings and readings planned, can you tell us where we might be seeing you?

I am in the process of having a web site designed exclusively for "Dealmaker." I believe the site should be on-line within the next couple of months. But right now, people can visit my official site at I have several readings and a couple of television appearances tentatively scheduled. I will definitely be in Boston on August 6 as a the featured guest at "Johnny D's." The time is to be announced. Also, I will be at the downtown Barnes & Noble in mid October for a book release party. October 30, I will be at the Fort Worth Public Library Southwest Branch at 7:00 P.M. Just after the release of "Dealmaker," I will be featured on KOTV's 6 in the Morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Several newspapers have agreed to run stories as well. Also, at one point, I'll be making a trip to Rockford, Iowa!

Wonderful, thank you for a great interview and lots of luck on that new book!

To learn more about Gigi and her work please check her AuthorsDen site for short stories, news and upcoming events.

Bio info
Gigi Phillips served as a columnist for "The Democrat" newspaper from 1997 to 1998. During that time, she also served as Press Agent and Marketing Manager for an international guide service, was elected to the Board of Directors of Wood County Chamber of Commerce and wrote the monthly newsletters.

After returning to Fort Worth in 1998, she opened a four-star restaurant and successfully promoted it, while contributing to "GreenSpace" monthly newsletter and on-line magazine. In the summer of 2000, Ms. Phillips made the decision to dedicate herself exclusively to writing dark fiction. She is currently a member of "Horror Writers Association," "Dark Echo Writer's Workshop," "Critters Writer's Workshop" and attends writer's conferences, including the upcoming World Horror Convention and Bram Stoker Awards in Seattle.Her first novel, DEALMAKER, published by "Brown Books," will be released in October, 2001.

And now for the personal stuff....
I was born October 24, 1960 on a little West Texas hill called "Ranger." I spent the next five years dressing up like a nun and visiting the elderly in an even smaller town called "Strawn." Not too long after that, I decided that I was going to be a "Super Hero," but that didn't go according to plans. (I had trouble with the flying part.) Instead, I gathered my family around and told stories. I was a lousy actress, but my stories were okay. Stories became "fibs" and "fibs" were bad. So, I gave up public storytelling and kept it to myself, until I found out that it's not "fibbing", hell, it's FICTION! Oh, Joy! I had my first embellished story (about my ex-husband's first fish) published in "The Tulsa World" in 1990 and started a novel immediately afterward. Meanwhile, I wrote for various publications.

My first novel was, and still is, absolutely AWFUL. I still keep it, but I've asked that it be cremated with me. As for my future, who knows? I may end up on a secluded island, bird dog in tow, or on the not-so-secluded island of Manhattan. That's what I love about the future…every new day takes you somewhere you have never been. 




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