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Immanuel! God Is Still With Us!
John L., Jr. Hoh
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Edifying Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

The work consists of eight chapters covering 146 pages. Chapter one discusses the prophet Isaiah and Ahaz and the sign God would send as a fulfilling of his promises. Jahweh/Immanuel is the hope of mankind. Jahweh/Immanuel, origin of time, the universe and the world are covered in Chapter two. Chapter three discusses Jahweh/Immanuel, the creation of mankind, marriage, and why the world was created. Preservation of Jahweh/Immanuel God’s creation is presented in Chapter four. Chapter five offers the notion that Jahweh/Immanuel God is both powerful in addition to being compassionate and caring about us humans. Salvation and the role of Jahweh/Immanuel are the theme for Chapter six. Chapter seven reminds us that while we may not always see the providential hand of Jahweh/Immanuel God in our lives we may rest assured that he is always there. Temptations, challenges and blessings in which Jahweh/Immanuel God places humans is presented in Chapter eight.

"Immanuel! God Is Still With Us!" is not a story book, nor is it a classroom text book in the true sense of the word. The treatise is a study guide to pilot the reader into a further understanding of the Bible Jahweh/Immanuel God, and his plan for our lives. immanuel! god is still with us is the third book writer Hoh has produced. The work is easily read. Presented in scholarly, laymen writing style the book is filled with biblical references.

Writer Hoh is a technical writer who lives in Milwaukee. He attended Lutheran seminaries assists in the ministry of his local congregation. "Immanuel! God Is Still With Us!" is a well written edition in which writer Hoh deftly paints a keenly focused portrait of Jahweh/Immanuel God through carefully set out chapters. Thought provoking material relating to Jahweh/Immanuel God; his purpose, plan and place in our lives is presented with skill and understanding. It is obvious writer Hoh has completed more than a little study into his subject. Writing presented is to the point, comprehendible and highly lucid. I particularly enjoyed reading the authors understanding that Jahweh/Immanuel God has promised to not tempt any of us more than we can bear. Chapter 8 of the book offers the reader great hope during times of difficult situation, challenges or struggles we must overcome. Hoh offers that Jahweh/Immanuel God does not prevent challenge or struggle in the life of humans, however he does offer guidance and strength to face those challenges or struggles.

My only suggestion for improvement would be a larger type. Many of us who have reached ‘the delicate years’, words are those of my optometrist would benefit from larger type and would enjoy reading the work more were the print a tad larger.

Good book for the home, lay church leader and pastor library shelf.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

Santa ClausSanta Claus: is he for your child?
John Hoh
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Interesting read ... Recommended 4 stars

Presented in fifteen chapters and bibliography covering 122 pages „Santa Claus: is he for your child?“ Set out to educate parents about the myth surrounding Santa. Chapter 1 helps parents understand that the myth of Santa has grown to gigantic proportions. In chapter 2 The Man Behind the Myth is introduced. Chapter 3 explains The Legends of the Three Virgins. And, in Chapter 4 we learn The Saint Becomes the Patron of Sailors. The reader follows Nicholars on his way to Nicea during a famine in Chapter 5 and comparison is offered regarding legends and traditions surrounding saints to the myths of Greek and Roman religions in Chapter 6. In Chapter 7 Nicholas Earns His Honor and Place of Veneration. Chapter 8 discusses Nicholas and Nationalism. Saint Nicholas and the Reformation are reviewed in Chapter 9. Chapter 10 offers Santa in the New World, while Saint Nick and Santa Today are covered in Chapter 11. Chapter 12 presents a discussion into whether Santa might be anti-Christ while Chapter 13 submits thoughts as to Santa worship might be a form of idolatry. Chapter 14 argues the case whether Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are the same. The book finishes up with Chapter 15 and concluding thoughts. A Bibliography follows.

Writer Hoh is a technical writer who attened Lutheran seminaries and is a lay minister in his local congregation. „Santa Claus: is he for your child?“ Is a well written work in which writer Hoh presents thought provoking material about Santa Claus and/or St Nicholas.

It is obvious writer Hoh has done a good bit of research into his subject. Writing is concise, coherent and highly readable. I particularly enjoyed reading how Santa is viewed in various countries world wide as presented in Chapter 8. Hoh says in his concluding chapter ‘Hopefully this book will help each of us … know the truth behind Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas.’ Whether the reader likes or dislikes the notion of Santa writer Hoh’s book „Santa Claus: is he for your child?“ Is certain to enlighten.

Enjoyed the read, found much of interest. Happy to recommend.




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