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One to TenOne to Ten and Home Again
Heather Haapoja
Illustrator: Anita Pauza
Sound Effects: Bob Bailey
eBook Compiler

Entertaining read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Tim and Emmy are out for a walk. As they walk the children encounter many sights and sounds. They
count the sounds one to ten.

Author Haapoja along with illustrator Anita Pauza who between them have nine children and many
grandchildren have created a charming counting book for young children. Unlike many counting books; children are not counting the number of things they see. Rather, it is the sounds the children count. Wonderful watercolor illustrations, sounds of bees and birds, car and siren, a pup and children laughing, a creaky gate and walking feet, the wind and a train are all included in this enchanting work by two talented Minnesota women.

The narrative of the children's walk is told in rhyme with both numeral and number word shown on each profusely illustrated page. A clickable button allows children opportunity to listen to the sound
accompanying each of the illustrations. A lush field covered in grass and flowers is abuzz with bees, etc.

Writer Haapoja shows a canny knack for creating a pleasing tale sure to entrance youngsters in the target audience ages 3-7. Vocabulary used is a tad beyond those in the 3-5 set lending the book for use as a 'Read to Me' work for the youngest group. Children ages 6 and 7 will be able to read for themselves with a little help from parent, older sibling or classroom mentor.

As a teacher I always like to see both the numeral and number world included when using a counting book with my class. Unlike most counting books available the illustrations are not the standard one bird, two bees, rather artist Pauza's lavish illustrations fill each page with color and activity. It is the sound and not the visual offering the children are counting. Bang-up technique for helping keep young kids on track and really paying attention.

The format exe used is one children and adults alike will find easy to navigate. Excellent work for the
classroom, home schoolers, free time reading, and cuddling on Mom or Dad's lap in front of the computer. This is a book I would use in my own Kindergarten/First Grade classroom.

Delightful Read, happy to recommend.




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