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Computer Ease
Computer Training Manual
Helen Gallagher

Informative Read ... Recommended ... 4.5 stars

The work is a self help or how to book written by a long time computer expert for novice to intermediate computer users. Topics covered include use of mouse, getting the upper hand, locating files, accessibility and ergonomics, what to do when the computer won’t respond, computer speed, spyware and the inevitable crash and how to deal with it. A section with information about the internet and a small glossary round out the informative work.

As a self taught computer user the writer notes that computer user frustration is not distinctive to age of user. Technology is what it is and can be learned by young and old alike. I particularly liked the simple logic offered in Chapter 2: ‘Most learning comes from repetition and practice, but computers require we start with exploration and then practice techniques once we find them. Exploring the computer is a necessary first step, because you can’t just learn it by passive interaction.’ It seems so obvious, but for any of us who are learning to use computer when we are no longer children this particular logic is often something we seem to forget.

I agree with the writer that files seem to appear much as do mismatched socks in the sock drawer. I plan to read and reread Chapter 3 until I am confident I can find and manage my files with Windows Explorer File management.

"Computer Ease" is written in straight forward language easily understood by frustrated, annoyed or just plain worried users of these infernal machines. Writer Gallagher adds a few personal instances of help she has provided to clients who may have faced many of the same concerns as do many of us as we endeavor to learn how to make sense of the computer sitting on our desk. The text is most helpful to those of us who are a tad intimidated by fast talking kids, our own, or those ‘helping’ us as we plod forward in our attempt to gain computer knowledge. The reader is left with an optimistic feeling of confidence that he/she too can learn to overcome most computer problems we may face.

The chapter covering spyware is particularly timely. My own computer was brought to a stand still a year ago necessitating a trip to local guru. Adult son has installed two spyware snatchers and computer is now perking along nicely.

"Computer Ease" is a book to keep next to the computer. The book is a must have for the home library shelf, the personal library and desktop

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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