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Michael's SafariMichael's Safari
JennaKay Francis
Illustrator: Craig Howarth
Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Interesting read Highly Recommended 5 stars

Michael draws a map, a big map. Bears and seals and kangaroos and camels, binoculars and kool-aid and letters to Mom are part of the adventure found in Michael's Safari. Day by day Michael's adventure across his map and around the world continues. A boat made of Legos, a snowman, paper airplanes and playing hide and seek, a bridge of blocks and walking with great big steps, a tunnel under the ocean and squirrels, home again in time for lunch. What an adventure Michael has had.

"Michael's Safar"i is an entertaining work by well know writing talent JennaKay Francis. Illustrations done by Craig Howarth finish the product to perfection. Vocabulary used is a bit advanced for very early readers, however the work lends itself well as a 'read-to' for the 3 to 5s as they sit beside Mom or Dad, operate the buttons to turn the pages while hearing the words read aloud. With some direction 6-8s will read the book alone as a pleasure reading work. The 9-10 set will find the book perfect to read to little siblings or to younger schoolmates as they work in the school tutor program.

Youngsters in the 3-7 group will enjoy the notion of play much as they themselves engage in. What Mom has not prepared a 'picnic' lunch for their youngster to enjoy during playtime. What child has not built wonderful structures and experienced wonderful adventures sitting on the floor playing alone with toys or with a sibling or a parent?

"Michael's Safari" is an excellent choice for the home or school library. The book works well for a unit on family, pleasure reading or the in school reading mentor program.

As a teacher I particularly like the concept of listing things done day by day. This is a book I would use in my own K-1 classroom.

Entertaining read, happy to recommend.




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